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Old b/w photos

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AlieOxon Tue 31-Mar-15 10:05:03

A discovery, though maybe others know it - old b/w photos of family benefit from being scanned at a high resolution, and it's then much easier to enlarge them on PC and get a clear picture.

I have just scanned a newly discovered pic and I can now see that Uncle Arthur is wearing the Edwardian style rounded collar - which helps date it!

janerowena Tue 31-Mar-15 15:55:12

Couldn't you start a photo thread, with that photo? I have loads!

hildajenniJ Tue 31-Mar-15 16:28:24

I've got a lovely one of my Dad when he was a little boy. It must have been taken about 1930/32

harrigran Tue 31-Mar-15 16:45:12

I have black and white photos of my father as a toddler and one of my mother in 1909 when she was a few months old. These photographs are in better condition than some of the coloured ones I have of my own DC.

AlieOxon Tue 31-Mar-15 17:38:10

I'm just saying if you're gonna scan them, do it at high res!
Old snaps are so small!

Apart from that, would like to see pics of families. Good idea.

absent Wed 01-Apr-15 06:04:26

I have a huge box full of black and white photographs. I need to find the time to go through them because I am probably the only one who can identify at least some of the subjects. I suppose that is my only bucket list item.

I also need to go through and get restored a vast number of home movies. The first, I think, was my christening.