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I'm sure it is my Mum

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NanKate Sat 04-Apr-15 21:52:52

My cousin who is an avid family history researcher sent me a short film (and some stills taken from the film) made in 1920 of a special celebration day in Rhyl. There are hundreds of people promenading as they did in those days.

My cousin picked out 3 women, one was her Nanna, one we don't recognise and a third who I am sure is my 10 year old mum. smile

Mum died in 1994. She would be so pleased that I have had such pleasure in glimpsing into her past, plus a few tears too.

Jane10 Sat 04-Apr-15 22:01:01

Wow! What luck to have this sudden glimpse of your Mum as a young girl. Hope you can have a nice still image from it to frame.

soontobe Sat 04-Apr-15 22:07:13

Aw. Lovely. smile

tiggypiro Sat 04-Apr-15 22:32:47

After my father had died my sister picked up a book in a flea market. It fell open at a page with a photograph of a group of men including our father as a young man. She bought the book !

NanKate Sat 04-Apr-15 22:46:12

What a lovely surprise Tiggy

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 04-Apr-15 22:51:35

When my cousin visited the War Museum in London, she found a picture of the two of us as tiny children at a VE fancy dress party. I now have a video of the three year old me, sitting cross legged in the front row and straining my neck round to look at the big kids behind. So strange to see a mini-me actually moving about. grin

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 04-Apr-15 22:53:09

I was dressed as "Little Miss Victory"! I think my mum used to get fancy dress ideas from Womans Weekly.

AshTree Sat 04-Apr-15 23:44:29

Weren't those fancy dress outfits lovely, jinglebells? You know, when our mums actually made them - out of scraps of fabric, curtains, old clothes, with a few trimmings, beads and so on.
Well I have to be honest here, my mum never managed it, she was hopeless with a needle, but you know what I mean. I used to make them for my two and loved it. These days they just order costumes on the internet. It's not the same tbusad

AshTree Sat 04-Apr-15 23:46:08

Oh I gave you an extra 'e', jinglbells sorry. It's OK, you can keep it, I've got plenty wink

AshTree Sat 04-Apr-15 23:49:40

What an amazing find nanKate - if only your mum was still here to see it. We thought we spotted my husband's granddad in a TV documentary about the history of our streets. This episode was all about the Caledonian Road in North London, where he lived all his life. We paused the TV, I took a photo of it, blew it up on the computer, clarified it a bit, and sent it to one of my husband's cousins for her opinion. She wasn't so sure, though. We'll never know...

Grannyknot Sun 05-Apr-15 08:31:54

Isn't modern technology amazing. That's lovely * nk*

Jane10 Sun 05-Apr-15 10:18:46

Shortly after a friend of ours died I spotted him in the audience at an auction on "Flog It"! I was so startled I froze the TV until DH came home so he could see it too. Weird. But nice.

pompa Sun 05-Apr-15 10:37:44

A work friend of mine had a heart attack and died some years ago (he was a very heavy smoker and did not care for himself, so it was no surprise), I heard this from work colleagues after I retired. Imagine my shock when he spoke to me in a DIY shop a few years later, I was lost for words. He had had a heart attack, but had survived.

loopylou Sun 05-Apr-15 10:39:56

Crikey, enough to give you one pompa!

Faye Sun 05-Apr-15 11:27:53

Ex SIL said the last baby parked in his pram at the beginning of each episode of Call the Midwife is my exhusband. Apparently she has similar photos of exH. They lived in Silvertown and ex told me how the ships passed by on the other side of the dock wall. We will never know for sure but the baby looks just like my middle GS. When I showed GS he asked if it was a picture of him.

granjura Sun 05-Apr-15 14:14:21

I have loads of photos of my mum from when she was a baby- but the most glamorous are those of her during her year studying English in Hastings, in 1932- she was very glamglam- and those knitted swimsuits ;).

She has loads of picture of her visit to Zagreb and Bled in 1931- and then in Munich studying German in 1933. Her studies there were interrupted with an early return to Switzerland due to the rise of Hitler and the violence which started then. I love to watch those pictures.

rubysong Mon 06-Apr-15 04:48:12

Someone gave DH's brother a DVD taken from a video of a 1948 film about the docks in Hull. In it was their late father who was in the merchant navy. He was there in his uniform and even had a small speaking part. We were amazed as he had never mentioned it. We now have a copy to pass on to future generations.

granjura Mon 06-Apr-15 16:53:48

I do wonder if there are any GNeters from Hastings- whose father or mother might be on those very glamorous picture in Hastings? Mum was from 1915, and was there in 1932.