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Scottish farm records

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Cherrytree59 Tue 02-May-17 20:38:59

I am not a historian
I have not been researching my family history
So I am not a member of any Ancestry site.
However a couple of months ago through sheer fluke I saw post on google dated 2004 asking for. information re my grandmother and her siblings.
To cut a long story short I am in touch with a lovely cousin several times removed
There is a family story that my forefathers owned a farm in Ayrshire late 1800s/ early 1900s
but this conflicts with some info my cousin has.
Any thoughts would be welcome as I am complete novice.

grannypiper Tue 02-May-17 20:51:26

Cherrytree dont have any advice for you but if you dont mind me asking, where in Ayrshire was the the farm ?

MawBroon Tue 02-May-17 20:55:39

Just what I was wondering!
My MIL's family farmed in Ayrshire for many generations. Would you like to PM me perhaps?

Cherrytree59 Tue 02-May-17 21:36:56

Grannypiper and MawBroon I have PMed you bothsmile