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mrsmopp Wed 21-Feb-18 10:22:33

Anyone tracing their family history ever thought of having a DNA test done? I keep seeing adverts for it. Well, I think I'm all Cornish and Welsh but you never know. I'd be interested to know if anyone can give me an unbiased opinion.

Oopsadaisy12 Wed 21-Feb-18 12:09:51

I thought if it recently, it was on special offer, by the time I had remembered the offer had finished. I assume I’m all British farming stock, although one of my ancestors surname is hogsflesch! German? My BIL has it done, so my DH wasn’t going to bother but I think I read somewhere that siblings can differ? When it is on offer again I think I will do it. Apart from the cost I can’t see a downside.

Katek Wed 21-Feb-18 14:19:07

DH bought me a kit at Xmas so I’m just waiting for the results to come back. I’m very curious as to whether I have any Norse genes as I have Shetland ancestors.

cavewoman Wed 21-Feb-18 14:37:05

I've had my results. Much to my dismay I am 97% English (SE and midlands)
I was hoping for something more exotic!
I have linked my results to my Ancestry tree. There's hardly a day go by where I don't get a new match.
Unbeknown to me, my son was tested and he appeared at the top of my list. Proving I did take the right baby home from hospital!
(I did tell him not to get the test for his father) wink

wotnot Wed 21-Feb-18 14:51:11

I recently did two, waited until they were on sale. The first one was 23andme. The results surprised me so much, that's why I did another one with Ancestry; not the same exact results, but similar.
The results were not what I was expecting. I thought I would be 99% English with maybe a little roman invader. They say the results for 23andme go back about 500 years and Ancestry way further back, not sure timeline exactly, but 1000(s)
What I learned (I think-it's complicated and a bit beyond me really), is that although you get 50% from your mother 50% from your father,(and thereby all their odd assortment of DNA ancestors) you also get the 1000s of random dna from ancestors, so for example you may inherit more Scandanavian ancestry than a sibling, and a sibling may pick up more of say Irish ancestry DNA.
I was surprised to learn I have 16% Scandinavian, but that is common for British people and probably about the average amount looking back at our island's history. I've done my ancestry paper trail back to 1600s and can only trace English ancestors, yet the 23andme indicates French/German in the 1800s. Still trying to work it out.

grannyteddy Sun 25-Feb-18 12:59:12

I had mine done last year as a Christmas present. I was fascinated to find that I came out as 49% Norwegian, 49% Polish, 1% Greek and 1% Spanish. All my friends refer to me as an English rose because of my colouring but not a drop of English blood in me apparently. I thought it was well worthwhile having it done.

Nelliemoser Sun 25-Feb-18 18:05:00

For me it was about.
Great Britain 64%
1reland Scots Wales 16%
Europe West 9%
None of this really surprised me having done a lot of digging into my family history.

I was trying to find if there was any interesting knowledge about my father who was a 1914 war baby, but no, he also was essentially from Cheshire and surrounding area.
It was an interesting exercise though.

M0nica Mon 26-Feb-18 18:03:26

There was an item on this on You and Yours (R4, 12.15) last week, that throws doubts on their accuracy.

Here is the link to the programme. Just click on subject heading'DNA' and listen to the item. The Y&Y team talked to experts in the field and people who had actually had their DNA analysis done twice by two different companies with different results. A good listen. I was thinking of having it done. I will not be bothering now.

Anniebach Mon 26-Feb-18 18:34:15

I have thought about it, decided no , do not want to know I am not 100% Welsh

OldMeg Mon 26-Feb-18 19:26:42

That’s not evidence as such Monica more likely the second company was a bit dodgy. My sample actually firstly pinpointed a certain area in Ireland where my ancestors came from and it arrived the same day as my grandfather’s death certificate which pinpointed his place of birth.

Yes. Both within the same small area.

Then it threw up a probable first cousin link and by following the contact discovered my mothers half sister. We didn’t know she had a half sister!!

Very impressive and indisputably accurate on twi levels. I suggest that the bigger, more established companies probably have the data bases to make the matches more accurate, but yes, some of the smaller ones could well be rip offs.

Bellasnana Mon 26-Feb-18 20:10:18

Mine came back as:

40% Ireland/Scotland/Wales
27% Northern England/Midlands
20% Western Europe
6% Scandinavia

I found it a bit vague really, although I’m not sure what I was expecting grin

Lazigirl Mon 26-Feb-18 20:27:38

Anniebach According to Stephen Oppenheimer, genetesist, author of The Origins of the British, you are probably Basque, as are most of us, Welsh included!

wotnot Mon 26-Feb-18 20:52:47

I read some where that the basque people have the highest incidence of rhesus negative blood group and they are thought to be closely related to Celts. There is also another theory that O blood group is of alien origin. Explains a lot in my case grin

Floradora9 Mon 26-Feb-18 21:46:33

well Watnot I am both of these and a Celt

Nandalot Mon 26-Feb-18 21:51:14

I did the Ancestry one as I have Anglo-Indian in my heritage and wanted to know how much. 11% as it turns out. It also correctly identified that the bulk of my antecedents came from the Yorkshire. Plus some Scandinavian, of course. Those damned Vikings.

wotnot Mon 26-Feb-18 21:58:41

Oh er Floradora, you're a real life alien grin

wotnot Mon 26-Feb-18 23:10:32

sorry, that should read are you an real life alien?. grin