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Daddima Sun 29-Jul-18 21:48:49

The old song thread reminded me of the smell of an old boyfriend’s tweed jacket, and I got to thinking of smells which remind me of things ( or people)

Savlon liquid instantly transports me back to the maternity unit when my first child was born, as they always put a glug in your bath!

4711 reminds me of one granny, and cloves remind me of my other granny, who chewed them constantly.

MissAdventure Sun 29-Jul-18 22:00:57

Diesel reminds me of the smell on my dad when he came home from work.

Bleach reminds me of my Nan, because she always seemed to have things in the bathroom sink, soaking.

KatyK Mon 30-Jul-18 10:21:40

The smell of paint always reminds me of my dad who 'worked' as a painter and decorator (when he felt like it). Wet paint always reminds me of times when he was bringing money in and not in the pub. Also the smell of a freshly tarmaced road brings memories of watching a steamroller in the road outside our house. Although that smell is rare nowadays.

paddyann Mon 30-Jul-18 10:55:54

Balkan Sobranie tobacco and Odd fellows sweets are my dad ,Evening in Paris perfume and Dettol are my mum,I've never been a smoker and hate cigarette smoke but dad was a pipe man and the tobacco was a nice smell .

Nothing beats the smell of Johnstons baby talc though .None of my GC had talc and I understand why but it was a beautiful smell

annodomini Mon 30-Jul-18 11:07:05

St Bruno tobacco was the aroma of my Dad. Travelling on a train through the mountains of Corsica, I was strongly reminded of it when the smoke from a fire in the maquis drifted through the open window

Anniebach Mon 30-Jul-18 11:17:50

Carbolic soap reminds me of school

Imperial Leather soap reminds me of my mother

Johnson baby soap reminds me of my babies so i use it every day.

Willow500 Mon 30-Jul-18 13:22:38

I so miss those instant transportations back in time which a smell used to trigger - anosmia suck sad

LadyGracie Mon 30-Jul-18 13:58:21

Blue Grass reminds me of my mum. Pipe tobacco of my granddad.

Teetime Mon 30-Jul-18 14:18:18

Paco Rabanne reminds me of someone nice.

Nanabilly Mon 30-Jul-18 14:58:16

Imperial leather reminds me of my grandma.
Brut or Old spice aftershave my Dad.
Greasy fish and chip shop mil.
Varnish.. A printing factory I used to work in and loved the job and the people in it.

bmacca Mon 30-Jul-18 15:08:45

The smell of honeysuckle always reminds me of my parents as we used to have lots of it in the garden when I was a child. I dislike the actual spell of Opium perfume but I love to smell it as it reminds me of my dearest sister who sadly died when we were in our 40s

Fennel Mon 30-Jul-18 16:58:15

The sell of mint reminds me of the place we were evacuated to at the beginning of the war. Out in the Northumberland countryside.
I was only 3, so can't be sure that's really the place. But I have a few photos.

Menopaws Mon 30-Jul-18 19:06:13

Sudocrem my babies
Golden Virginia tobacco my dad

travelsafar Mon 30-Jul-18 19:39:28

I love the smell inside my dear old mum's handbag which I have kept after she died nearly 10years ago. One whiff and she is there instantly. It is inside another bag at the bottom of my wardrobe so it doesnt get tainted by anything else.