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family history book

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boodymum67 Sun 18-Oct-20 13:07:31

I recently bought 2 books in The Works, entitled
`My Mother`s Story`.

There are places in them for photos, mometos and questions to fill answers in, from birth to current date.

They go from where you were born to meeting your OH, to special times/events.

You can talk about your parents, grandparents etc.

I loved filling them in and trawling through hundreds of family photos, to find the right ones.

It took me a month to do them and I thoroughly enjoyed the project.

Our eldest girl said how lovely it was to see original black and white photos she had never seen. I even put her baby weight card and immunisation card in.

Our youngest girl lives away and unfortunately it went to the wrong address. I was devastated as so many things were in her pony tail from when she was 8!

Luckily we tracked her book down and she was so thrilled with it. She rang me and said it had made her both laugh and cry.

Then she said it was the most beautiful thing I have ever given her. Isnt that lovely?

If anyone is wondering what to give their children for Christmas, it is a great idea.

Esspee Wed 21-Oct-20 11:07:28

It sounds a lovely gift, and with lockdown looming a worthwhile project for the winter. Thank you.