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Esspee Mon 21-Dec-20 11:50:41

Back in October I posted a thread saying I intended to make a start on my family tree and asking for advice. As usual the lovely gransnetters were very generous with their time and advice.

Treebee told me about a University of Strathclyde course available free of charge on Futurelearn. I signed up and I am so glad I did. I learned so much about the subject and as a result (after some really hard work) I now have every branch of my family tree worked out back to the early 1800s.

Rather than forge on I am now concentrating on fleshing out the information I have. e.g. Visiting where they lived, went to school, where they might have worked etc.

I have been so engrossed that I have been able to block out all the confusion we are living through. I wake each day with plans on what I intend to uncover and I cannot begin to tell you the excitement on finding out things like my great great great grandmother died in a convent less than a mile from where I live now. (especially as that branch of the family were staunch Protestants).

So, for any of you interested in discovering more about your family history, may I recommend this free course. Everything is online and there are no textbooks to buy. The people on my course ranged from complete beginners like myself to someone with 40 years experience.

A word of warning. It is an addictive hobby. ?

silverlining48 Mon 21-Dec-20 13:21:38

That is interesting, Esspee, I might check that out, I am in urgent need of a new hobby.. thankyou.