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Inherited Photographs/Document ation.

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Spiritof67 Mon 12-Jul-21 22:07:11

Hello all :- my parents passed away over ten years ago and I inherited their family historical photographs. At the time, I bought archive boxes and made a vain attempt at categorising them…I have to admit, there is a lot of early 20th century photos that I have no recognition of the people.
I’m adopted, so I have no real “genealogy” to these people anyway. My family unit is small (Son and two young grandsons….who I see infrequently)
What to do with all these photos boxed in the loft ? I cannot bring myself to simply bin them…..
Ideally I would like to find an artist or art collective that would like to repurpose them into something new and interesting……
Does anyone have any ideas ?

MoorlandMooner Mon 12-Jul-21 22:11:48

Have you seen this Spiritof67?

Spiritof67 Mon 12-Jul-21 23:37:53

Thankyou….some good options.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 13-Jul-21 08:47:55

Do you have any other ‘family ‘ members who might want them?
If not go onto FB and see if you can find anyone who wants them, most Towns, Villages and Counties have FB Genealogy pages and will be able to find distant relatives for you, please don’t bin them!

Aveline Tue 13-Jul-21 10:16:44

Is there a local history museum near you? They might be happy to add your photos and docs to their archives. They could be useful for future research?

Chestnut Wed 04-Aug-21 10:02:43

I agree that you should hold onto these family pictures and make every attempt to find their blood relatives. There are people out there who might be really thrilled to see those photos. It doesn't matter that they are unidentified. Someone somewhere may have a picture of the same person and can identify them. I can say from personal experience just how important this could be to someone.
You don't mention aunts or uncles. If your parents had any siblings or cousins then ask them whether anyone in the family does their family tree. On Ancestry website you may find your adopted parents or grandparents shown on someone's tree, and other genealogy websites provide help and advice. Don't give up and bin them, just hang onto them, because I promise you if you keep searching eventually someone will want them. I have given out photos after many years holding onto them, and brought great joy to the recipient, but you have to be patient and keep looking.