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Josh Widdicombe for King

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Bossyrossy Wed 20-Oct-21 19:09:22

Spoiler Alert
Did you see Josh Widdicombe on Who Do You Think You Are?
This was one of the best in the series and his response to each discovery was both touching and incredulous, as he said, he ran out of superlatives.
I won’t say too much if you haven’t seen it yet but just to say that with all that royal blood in him, I think he should be next in line for the throne. Such a nice man too and a very funny comedian, he would make a lovely king, if perhaps not your usual type of royal.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 20-Oct-21 19:19:12

Er, I think you’re a little behind Bossy, this one was discussed last week! Not sure he’s monarchy material but nice chap if apparently a little unaware of history ...

Callistemon Wed 20-Oct-21 20:02:38

Sorry, I support Simon Michael Abney-Hastings.

lemongrove Wed 20-Oct-21 22:20:10

It seems that everyone has some royal blood ( if you can believe it.)
I didn’t see the programme but many in the series have been good.