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Shandy57 Thu 11-Nov-21 23:39:51

Hello, I stopped my monthly ancestry subscription with the announcement of the energy price hikes.

I was really pleased to get an email tonight querying my late husband's great grandmother's details - and the person is related. I'm still not ready to do our family tree as it makes me too sad my husband has gone, but the person I helped tonight was delighted to see what I have already done as he was adopted.

A feel good moment!

Ro60 Thu 11-Nov-21 23:48:47

The healing process comes in many guises & with unexpected surprises.
Hope it brings some happier memories. ? - or at least, a distravtion

Namsnanny Thu 11-Nov-21 23:50:04

I'm glad that this little act of kindness gave you some pleasure Shandy57

My condolences for the loss of your husband. flowers

Chestnut Thu 11-Nov-21 23:55:41

You may find doing your husband's family tree or indeed writing a biography of his life will help you with the grieving process. I studied my father's life in detail when he passed as I had access to diaries and letters. I learnt so much about his life it made me feel close to him. I wrote it all up as a story and it was a wonderful experience.

Shandy57 Sat 13-Nov-21 12:18:22

That sounds marvellous Chestnut. I still can't look at it unfortunately, perhaps I'll be able to when and if my children have children.