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Family Historian 7 software

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jeanie99 Sun 16-Jan-22 21:14:55

Does anyone on this site use the above software?

I have installed a free 30 day trial just to get the feel for it before purchasing.

I have masses of information collected over about 25 years all in hard copy and in files plus a chart showing ancestors.

I had no problem doing the first entries but now I'm onto adding sources and citation I am confused.

Although there are videos nothing provides you with a step by step detail of what you need to do.

I have printed off so much information on the use of this software but I don't understand what a lot of it means.

The software as been developed over a number of years.
Updates are added periodically I understand so anyone like myself new to this software it's a real learning curve and at my age I am struggling.

Is there anyone who could help me or suggest desktop software which is straightforward to use.

thank you

Chestnut Mon 17-Jan-22 10:40:09

It's the same with all software. They start off simple and easy to use and over the years they keep adding new things, and eventually it becomes too complicated to use with too many bells and whistles!

I think I tried Family Historian years ago and didn't go for it. I then tried Ancestral Quest which was similar to my lovely simple Personal Ancestral File which is no longer available.

But I have found the best way is to enter them all on Ancestry website. Once you have your Ancestry login and password you have permanent access to your tree, even if you do not have a paid subscription in the future. Ancestry helps you find records and attach them to the person on your tree. It makes research and record keeping so much easier. I love it!

It also lets you write notes next to each record, most people don't do this and there are many thousands of trees on Ancestry, half of them are complete rubbish so take no notice of them. Just concentrate on your own tree.

Family tree software you purchase enables you to print fan charts and other such fancy things, but I'm not bothered about those. I can print details of individuals on Ancestry which is great. I can send you examples if you send me your e-mail address in a pm.

This has not been much help with your Family Historian, but I have to say that Ancestry works so much better because you can attach the records, then see the records.

Chestnut Mon 17-Jan-22 10:46:52

Just realised I've already posted an example on another thread! Take a look at Family Tree Maker: Should I buy this software?

spottysocks Mon 17-Jan-22 17:24:16

I have Family Historian 6 which is excellent, I've also downloaded a free 30 day trial of FH7 before paying out for an upgrade, like you I'm also learning how to add sources and citations on this new version of the software. I think I've just about managed to understand the basics, have you tried the user forum for help? I've found them to be very good. I wouldn't use any other program now, and I've tried a few over the years. smile

jeanie99 Wed 16-Feb-22 00:54:09

Just and update.
I've tried a couple more trial software but I've come to the conclusion that anyone in the years to come would have no idea how to extract information.

I am sticking to what I know and that's spreadsheets.
I've set up a workbook with several pages and a tree.
I did originally use links but having saved in error to the wrong version of excel and lost all the links I have learned from that. Don't use links.
I have a working family tree but I need to create something I can frame (just immediate family direct line). Need to put some thought into that.