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How do you search the census by an address

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Grammaretto Fri 27-May-22 09:23:10

I want to know who lived at an address in 1911 but can't find how to search without knowing a person's name.
Is there a way? It's the Scottish census I really want but presumably scotlandspeople works the same way as the England and Wales one.

Chestnut Fri 27-May-22 17:36:18

I have only searched for English addresses on Ancestry. I don't know if there's an easier way but I just went into the census I wanted and then 'view all collections included in this search'. Searched for the country, the county, the civil parish, the sub-registration district and the enumeration district. You'd have to look on Ancestry to see what I mean. This may require looking through several enumeration districts! After that I trawled through the entries looking for the correct address. It was long and tedious and you need some idea of where your ancestors lived. I have no idea how Scotland's People works so none of this may be of any use. All I'm saying is that it could be a long process, unless someone knows a quicker way.

WizzyLizzy Fri 01-Jul-22 23:47:54

Currently, you can only access the 1911 Census for Scotland via Scotlandspeople. Take a look at this link:

for further information.
Good Luck.

Menna Thu 27-Oct-22 21:30:33

Just to add my bit to this. Its not Scotland though.
It is possible to search the genealogy (pay) site Find my Past by address only. I think its just England and Wales. But I thought to say this could help someone.