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Help from Aussie Grans. re finding relatives

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Fernbergien Fri 03-Mar-23 10:24:53

Some of you have probably seen me write on here previously when I ended up finding a different father and grandfather but the most thrilling was finding my sister after 79 years and her lovely family. Great.
Anyhow seeking my half brothers family in Sydney area. Don’t know if it is wise to put surname on at moment but nephew is just 61 and has forenames Ian Roger P……… and has sister Susan Karen. Any advice is welcome. My son is very good at detective work but no route he has taken has produced anything. You can always PM me. Thank you.

nanna8 Fri 03-Mar-23 11:19:31

Use or family search. It would be unwise to put your surname on this site. Sydney is quite big and there will be hundreds of Ian Rogers but if their surname is a bit unusual you might strike lucky.

Fernbergien Fri 03-Mar-23 12:00:32

His name is Ian Roger Phillips. His sister is65 this year. Emigrated from England. 1965 from Sheffield. Their father was Peter. Grandfather George.

Yammy Fri 03-Mar-23 12:03:11

Try the Salvation Army if they still do it. They found an aunt of mine her long lost nephew in Oz.

Nannagarra Fri 03-Mar-23 12:07:47

Find My Past includes searches in Australia and New Zealand though I haven’t used them.
Ancestry and FMP are available in my local library; perhaps they are in yours.
Good luck.

Cressida Fri 03-Mar-23 23:01:16

I have an international subscription to Ancestry and have done a search for you which has brought up electoral records for Ian & Susan (at the same address) but it's dated 1980 so maybe not much help.

Chestnut Sat 04-Mar-23 00:01:33

I have been helped enormously by people on the Rootschat boards. They look things up and have found newspaper items and all sorts. Post a request on the Australia board and someone might find some helpful information. But do remember you are using public forums and everyone can see what you're posting.
RootsChat Australia board

Fernbergien Tue 23-May-23 20:30:07

Found my half brothers family and are in contact. Thanks for help.
Son who was a good “searcher” is hoping to go to Oz where there are two sets of relatives to see and a friend all within an hour of each other in Sydney area.