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I have just realised that multi tasking is getting in the way of productivity.

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jeanie99 Mon 24-Apr-23 20:38:19

I am in the middle of researching not having done much in the last few months.

Lots of things to catch up on and go over in family research.

I start one thing and then get thinking about something else so nothing is really getting done.

I'm am trying to catch up on family history research, haven't done much over the last few months with life getting in the way.

Just a bit of a grumble everyone sorry about that, so much to do and so little time.

NanaTuesday Wed 07-Jun-23 16:46:19

jeanie99 ,its a case of getting lost down a worm hole when you start on the ancestry trip lol👌

Kim19 Wed 07-Jun-23 17:41:10

If the life that is getting in the way is enjoyable then carry on with it. It's pleasure and satisfaction on daily basis that matters. Follow your heart and the rest will fall into plzce. Good luck.

paddyann54 Wed 07-Jun-23 20:15:27

I had my DNA processed and discovered I'm 67% Irish,24% Scottish with the rest Italian ,no idea where that came from .My Ancestry page has been inundated with Italian people looking for their Scots ancestors .
I may have a break from answering questions for a few days.Enjoy it ,you sound like me I do loads and thennothing for sometimes months.Its always fun to return to it though

Redrobin51 Wed 07-Jun-23 20:44:20

I think I've lost my husband to ancestry research as he really seems to have got the bug. So far no surprises but it is keeping him happy. Trouble is nothing else is getting done. smile

jeanie99 Tue 20-Jun-23 22:04:39

Thanks everyone for your comments and encouragement. After the gardening I've needed to catch up on and the many visits to see healthcare professional for both hubby and me I am back to researching among other things I need to do.

I have actually paid for a subscription to FMP, bit disappointed in some ways. Did expect to see the full censeu records from 1841, if they are there I haven't found them.
I have gone back to 1841 from the original records for my main families groups but the extended families and some siblings I haven't. We moved home some time ago now and I would need to travel to get to the original records now.
Oh there was one good thing since I did my DNA some years ago I am in touch with second cousins, still haven't found the exact link but I'll get there it just takes patience.
Anyhow best of luck everyone with your researching.