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Real-life inspiration - best theme for stories!

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Izzywhizz Thu 20-Jul-23 12:15:59

Hi All,
New to posting (though not to this excellent forum!) Wasn't sure where to put this but hope it is seen by the person I am thinking of...
Some while ago there was a post from someone who described her relative (grandmother, maybe..?) who had moved into a sheltered care facility where there was
a nice community area lounge. Very soon she had met a gentleman there and they struck up a friendship (much to the chagrin of other female residents who must have thought she was an 'upstart' (!) The elderly lady in question I understood to be a no-nonsense type of person, distinguished bey always wearing a pinafore over her clothes - whatever the occasion..
They remained firm pals and had a great time, until one of them died...
As a would-be short story writer I thought this would make a lovely story, and wondered, if the original poster, would be kind enough to just add one or 2 more details of the real- life story. Obviously, no personal details would be included in any writing...
Thanks for reading this far - and I can only hope to somehow hear from this original poster, if they see this, and are ok to help...
Bit rambling - apologies!
The post I saw was roughly from early to mid-may - have not been able to find it since!

Sago Thu 20-Jul-23 13:06:07

As a writer could you not use your imagination to embellish the story?
Otherwise it’s plagiarism .

Izzywhizz Mon 24-Jul-23 10:26:26

Thanks for your reply. Yes, of course - and I will do...just that I read the original post in somewhat of a hurry - and realised I had skimmed through a few of the details of this delightful story. But could not get back to refresh my memory - because I didn't note who posted this...when - and where! There's no way that I would ever use the exact details, names, situation, time, etc....just an outline...

biglouis Mon 24-Jul-23 10:38:15

I remember the story of the lady in the "pinny" and was touched by it at the time.

As someone who does creative writing I dont regard the OP's idea as plagiarism. Most creative novels and stories have sprung from the influence of "something" that came before. This is true even of the great classic writers like Dickens and Austen.

Similar things occur in music. But dare to include a few notes that someone has used before and they will sue the ass off you for copywrite infringement!

I wrote a series of papers on an aspect of antiques that I am very familiar with. Someone accused me of plagiarism because I treated the subject chronologically - a standard technique in art history. She had done the same in her book. You cannot "own" knowedge. Even the great scientific discoveries were often based upon the work of teams of people.

Aveline Mon 24-Jul-23 10:41:33

Surely the OP could think up some details to personalise the story. Bit feeble asking for them to be provided.

Aldom Mon 24-Jul-23 11:13:24

A good novelist always does lots of research.
That's all the OP is attempting to accomplish in my opinion.

Aveline Mon 24-Jul-23 11:16:39

The basics are there. What more needs to be added other than the creativity of a writer?