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Is Ancestry website having problems or is it me?

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Nandalot Tue 25-Jul-23 16:41:53

Both my trees have disappeared from view. I can log into my account, I can see a panel showing hints for four of my family members, I can follow those hints but cannot see the trees.
Is it just me?

lemsip Tue 25-Jul-23 17:08:23

just logged in, mine are still there!

you can private message query if you're on facebook, they reply reasonably quickly

Anniebach Tue 25-Jul-23 17:11:43

Mine still there

Nandalot Tue 25-Jul-23 17:15:14

Phew, they are back now!
Thanks for your responses, sorry if I induced any panic!

Joseann Tue 25-Jul-23 18:17:41

I'm not sure because I have only been a member for a week, but at the moment all I am getting is a blank page.