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Grandparent friendly places?

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JessM Wed 29-Jun-11 20:07:18

I'd like to nominate IKEA as my grandparent friendly business. I was there yesterday. Cafe is really good value (adult cooked breakfast for less than a quid anyone?).
They have trolleys which allow you to wheel 3 trays at once round the self service food area!!! How grandparent friendly is that?
They also have a baby food preparation area for those dining with small ones.
It is also the place to go if you want to kit out your house for small child sleepovers or visits. Without spending lots of money.
And if you are trying to occupy a small child on a wet day you could go for quite a long tour around, trying out all the different beds, chairs etc.
No entrance fee. Free parking.
I didn't check out the nappy changing options as sadly i did not have a small person with me sad
( I could also see exactly why Habitat went bust - IKEA did it bigger, cheaper and less pretentiously)
Any other nominations?

HildaW Wed 29-Jun-11 21:24:51

We had charge of 2 year old Grandson for day and went to a National Trust place - Hanbury Hall. They are surprisingly tolerant of little ones nowadays. Food is excellent, crayons and colouring available at tables for meals, high chairs available, nappy changing was fine too. We ran about in the gardens all day (would not have taken him inside - that has always seemed silly to me, did not take my own children inside a NT place until they were at least 6) We had a lovely time and all the staff were very sweet to us.

GrannyTunnocks Wed 29-Jun-11 22:53:45

We have a subscription to historic scotland. We can visit many castles and let the grandchildren explore as much as they want. Loch leven castle is good as we need to take a boat there.

JessM Thu 30-Jun-11 08:49:52

NT - what a good suggestion HildaW. And they are the most reliable source of a nice slice of cake aren't they. We have Stowe and Waddeson Manor within reach of us and I can highly recommend them both. Huge grounds with things to look at. Inside of Stowe House is the public school. OUtside lots of greek temples, a grotto, etc etc
Inside or WM is not really suitable for children and I think not v. accessible either but plenty to do outside, including a garden centre. WM even has a toy shop - in the Stables - you have been warned. And a Warhol exhibition (10 amazing portraits) and an Anish Kapur sculpture in the aviary. So whether or not you have children in tow, these are both fantastic places to visit in the summer.

Annobel Thu 30-Jun-11 08:57:54

My NT membership paid for itself several times over when no1GD and her half brother were small. They were able to run all over Lyme Park with me puffing along behind them. Unfortunately it didn't pay for the obligatory ice-cream.

pompa Thu 30-Jun-11 08:58:11

Wimpole Hall and Home farm are great for children, Home Farm has lots for young one to see and do (even as a N.T member you have to pay to enter the farm).

JessM Thu 30-Jun-11 17:56:55

Bargain outing (as long as you hang onto your purse) - many garden centres have a few animals. Hens are becoming popular. They also have fish to look at both tropical and cold water. A good way to while away some time.