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With coronavirus rules being updated so frequently, we've got a round-up of the latest guidelines that affect grandparents and childcare and some tips on how you can keep the bond strong between you and your grandchildren.
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Should I say something?

79 timetogo2016

Am I being too hard?

82 Elleee

Feeling sidelined

83 Nannashirlz

Encouragement needed please.

20 Nacky

Would you knit any more gifts?

22 Witzend

Too much choice for the grandchildren?

97 OneOfThoseDIL

How to make first visit of grandchildren special.

30 Lucca

Feeling 'required' to take care of my granddaughter

77 Edge26

Am I a bad Mother?/what would you do? Advice please

30 MollyAA12

Car games for grandchildren on 5 hour journey

52 JackyB

Not so patient grandpa

45 JosephAMendenhall

Audiobooks to play on a Tonie Box

6 HappyChris

Denied access to step grandchild

18 fiorentina51

Son and family have moved

35 Madgran77


2 cornishpatsy

Gran life


Disappointed in my grandson and my son

50 Mebster

I’d love a Grandma to ask advice from!!

24 Mebster

I don't think my 18yo grand-daughter likes me :-(

56 welbeck

Late night messages

59 DiscoDancer1975

14 year old GS rebellious at school

22 midgey

What would you do?

5 M0nica

Major guilt over moving away

13 ElaineI

Moving nearer children/grandchildr en

92 Gardengirlie

Worried all the time

19 Nannarose


18 Shelflife

Bath sharing

100 Smileless2012

DIL Denied Me Access to 1st and ONLY Grandson!

41 whitepeonies44

Naming of step grandparents

147 grant1

My 4 year old grandson seems to have turned against me.

18 buddy1954

I could cry 😭

47 greenlady102

Physical abuse of GS

21 Sparkling

DIL universal donor blood type (O RH-)

13 agnurse

Theatre suitable for 13 year old girl?

32 DiscoDancer1975

Multigenerational household

53 Whiff

Confused Nannie

20 Madgran77

6-year-olds are great!

10 V3ra

Worried new grandmother

5 Mattsmum2

Are You A Victim Of Gaslighting?

14 nanna8

Should I warn my grandchildren's parents about my ex-husband?

25 DiscoDancer1975


12 Callistemon

Autistic grandson

18 Deedaa

Restrictions easing, but ...

18 GrandmaRosie

Help with grand-daughter

23 BlueberryPie

Ex daughter in law

12 welbeck

10 year old Granddaughter

21 Sara1954

we have moved to be near my son and wonder if we made a mistake

103 Sparkling

New nanny - feeling a little left out

130 V3ra

New grandparents

53 cassandra264

Am I wrong?

24 3dognight