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With coronavirus rules looking to affect many of us this upcoming festive season, here are the most recent developments on Christmas and grandparents and what you can do if you are spending it on your own.
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Speak up or shut up!

82 MamaBear20

Daughter inlaw hijacking forum for some advise please don’t be too harsh on me 🙄

60 Sarnia

Are they insensitive?

120 FarNorth

Sorry another MIL question

40 Alexa

I don't love my grandchild

83 grandtanteJE65

New to Gransnet

16 Jaxjacky

Estranged grandparents

45 Smileless2012

daughter and granddaughter living with me. Daughter is hard to get along with

123 Nadateturbe

Childcare During Covid-19 Research Project: Grandparents

4 ElaineI

Childcare during Coronavirus

18 thentherewerefour

Do I love my grandson too much ?

25 Nanna58

Babysitting and foodie bits left for grandparents to eat?

20 GrannyLaine

Teenage boy not talking

32 Callistemon

Christmas money for grown up grandkids

81 craftyone

Hubby is reluctant step-granddad

12 welbeck

Beach tent

12 Coolgran65

New grandma feeling left out and inadequate

59 Madgran77


23 Smileless2012

Things to do with a toddler.

77 Hawera1

Husband problem with grandchild

94 Notjustaprettyface

Body Book for Toddler

6 M0nica

Surrogate grandparents?

2 vampirequeen

This is it! Any time now!

8 Franbern

Worried about step granddaughter

5 Lolo81

Should I mention this ? (Rather than giving advise)

45 Hithere

So Sad

8 Thistlelass

posting a question

63 Marydoll

Worried about Granddaughter


Nightmare DIL

130 eyek80

Grandson’s Flat feet

11 Gwenisgreat1

Baby yet to be born - cleft palate

14 annsixty

Need help with getting my just- 2 year old grandson to have a sleep after lunch

29 NfkDumpling

Looking after Grandkids dilemna

15 Gran32

grandchildren overseas

33 Badgranma


113 Shropshirelass

Difficult step daughter and husband

28 Spice101

My ex DIL is arranging boyfriends to pick up GC from day care

117 Hithere

Any advice for helping my situation

110 janeainsworth

Picking up DGD from school

11 Antonia

Rule of 6

50 stewaris

Preparing an almost three year old for the birth of his twin brothers

33 Rainwashed

It's all your fault!

14 Grand2

I’m worried that my 18 month grandson has a learning difficulty. He’s not speaking or pointing or making eye contact babbling He doesn’t respond to his name . They need to get him to a doctor .

30 Ironflower

Connecting with my granddaughter

20 Madmaggie

Advice needed

9 DiscoDancer1975

Toddler Refuses To Wear Shoes

43 Naninka

18th Birthday

47 silverlining48

Stairgate for occasional use

11 Grannynannywanny

Raising Grandchildren

19 greengreengrass

Non-biological grandchildren

43 DiscoDancer1975