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Toddler sleeping with mum and new boyfriend.

62 EllanVannin

Not able to see our grandchildre. Miss our relationships with him, wife, and children.

36 Leaannbo

How to cope with not seeing grandchild during coronavirus crisis

9 Scentia

Jokes for the little ones

24 pollyperkins

Gift ideas please for a virtual birthday party

5 NanaandGrampy

After self isolation can I visit

11 Oopsadaisy3

First time grandma

19 endlessstrife

Corona virus - How can we help grandchildren remotely?

46 Callistemon


3 colournanny

Potty training

3 tanith

IOU of hugs and kisses


No grandchildren

28 12Rebecca

Darling GS

56 Sandmb

Paternal grandmother decided she wants grand son on weekends

27 Sandmb

Feeling low and rejected

77 Sandmb

Son recently separated from controlling wife

29 Sandmb

what to do

5 ClareAB

Not even close to coping

9 Starlady

Not seeing grandson is like a bereavement

42 Starlady

Struggling with Son living abroad

83 SheilsM

Nana or granny?

178 rafichagran

Helping boys be feminists

6 GagaJo

Grandchild distressed when I leave

41 GagaJo

Feel it is so sad

83 V3ra

Horrible grandchildren....HEL P

83 rosecarmel

Ideas on young grand children meeting new "step"gram pa

5 Oopsadaisy3

giving birth to first child at home

123 MamaCaz

lying or gaslighting?

16 Starlady

Special trip. We're excluded even though we'd pay our own way.

41 Starlady

First time grandparents sick baby

17 primy

Second grandchild too soon after first one ?

20 Franbern

Anxious about grandchild's return to school after cancer

21 crazyH

Growing Up - Nana having a hard time!

49 paddyanne

Baby shower in Canada that I can’t be there for, what is the right thing to send?

40 GrannyLaine

Feeling left out

60 Silver14

Grandchild’s sex will be a surprise

30 Grammaretto

Daughter in law is so rude

149 Starlady

Do you envy your daughter?

95 notanan2

Would this be appropriate?

110 Mamo

Husband not welcome at family events

87 jenpax

When and how to tell friends and family that son is divorcing

16 M0nica


17 issibon

Vacations with son and grandson and ex-wife

4 sodapop

Keeping a lid on it

37 Callistemon

Long distance Grandparenting

30 Ros1e

Need advice from grannies re my mother

64 Tanjamaltija

Advice from grandparents

74 Starlady

Looking after grandchildren getting too much.

33 Starlady

Grandchild not allowed to visit my home

107 Norah

Heading for breakdown

43 Summermary