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Update as promised on 15 month old baby who was (note past tense) driving me to distraction.

23 Hithere

Birthday Present Suggestion for 9 year old

7 Ellianne

Struggling with Son living abroad

85 Serendipity22

Newborn with infection

25 B9exchange

Any God will precious grandson

327 Bellanonna

Nightmare DIL

129 2littlestars

Daughter and soninlaw have let housework slide during lockdown

87 Jellybeetles

Situation forcing rules to be broken

99 Mokell50

grandparent for first time

16 Lolo81

Imminent grandma feeling apprehensive

84 NotSpaghetti

Playing the waiting game (grandchild due)

85 Newbiegran

Fear - Covid will stop me ever seeing family living abroad

42 Mercedes55

Step Grandparents

16 GreenGran78

Babysitting a 15 month old boy driving me to distraction please help!

210 Dorsetcupcake61

Looking after Grandkids dilemna

14 honeyrose

Babysitting granddaughter - what's wrong with me?

62 Loislovesstewie

Trying to do the right thing

7 MerylStreep

Looking for a grandma / paid job

6 ExD

GC born during lockdown. Have you seen them?

15 Greenfinch

grankids growing up

5 Oopsminty

Bad behaviour

54 wondergran

Looking after grandchildren

170 Nankim

Moved house to help with GC care

29 Gran32

My grandchild will be 2 weeks old before I see her

147 yggdrasil

My son and 3 grandchildren have moved to Japan

28 varian

Non contact garden games

6 Illte

kinship carer for grandchildren?

5 Iam64 you teach yr kids to take it home

19 phoenix

really confused, can my husband and i form a bubble after the 4th July

12 Erinthe3

I feel sorry for my little Grandson

62 Hetty58

Speech delay?

21 Franbern

New grandmother with a heavy heart

32 Hithere

4 grandchildren

15 Grandmabatty

Helping daughter with her children

33 Barmeyoldbat

Sick of my DIL

113 specki4eyes

Obese step grandson

44 pengwen

Connecting remotely with dgc

4 suziewoozie

What should Great Grandparents be called?

89 Joyfulnanna

Estrangement from grandchildren. How do you feel? Be a part of making history by contributing in the creation of a quilt.

11 KingLarry88

We have lift off!

6 H1954

Not even close to coping

11 ElaineI

Grandparents and childcare

46 Grannyflower

A different sort of grandparenting?

21 Henny2020

Missing close relationship with granddaughters in Australia

43 Sadnana1

Long distance Grandparenting

34 Sadnana1

No grandchildren

33 silverlining48

Can't wait till daughter and granddaughter move out!

17 Furret

lonley teens

15 Sussexborn

Heavy duty headphones for heavy handed people!

4 Lolo81

I don’t know what to do, I have 2 grandson’s, 6 years ago there dad physically abused them.

73 welbeck