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With coronavirus rules being updated so frequently, we've got a round-up of the latest guidelines that affect grandparents and childcare and some tips on how you can keep the bond strong between you and your grandchildren.
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Twin grandchildren first birthday - advice please

45 NemoNanna

losing my three granddaughters and I'm crushed

109 GrammaTaylor

How to deal with the other annoying/overbearing GPs?

46 Cabbie21

Bug Spray

2 Shelflife

Cheap local holiday Somerset/South Wales

10 Callistemon21

Looking for inspiration for a 1st Birthday Present please.

36 Unigran4

Feeling neglected unless needed for babysitting

63 GrauntyHelen

presents to grandchild and now new step grandchildren

8 Nannarose

Thoughts on 9 year old going abroad on school trip ?

206 Dickens

Need Some Input/Advice

22 NotSpaghetti

From the other thread about RAAC- how many GP here affected and asked to take over CC duties?

2 Foxygloves

Is it right/ok?

69 Iam64

Daughter gatekeeping granddaughter

124 Mamasperspective

Guilty feelings

32 NotSpaghetti

On again/off again girlfriend/kind of step mum.

10 El73

Husband “helping” with looking after grandchildren!

18 Willow65

Tin opener for disabled

25 Mallin

Anxious nannie

36 Bungle

Got to do Something - - HELP PLEASE

45 Enidd

Complicated family situation, at the end of my tether

41 Serendipity22

Husband doesn't want me to look after grandchild once a week

328 Summerfly

Buying for adult grandchildren

52 sazz1

Grandson visit with girlfriend

175 OurKid1

Maternal grandparents feeling less valued/sidelined

79 Serendipity22

Long distance grand parenting

4 PapaGeo


78 Redhead56


21 yggdrasil

How to support a grandad whose son won’t tell his children they have another grandad?

9 BlueBelle

Granny in the corner

154 Grannydream

Missing grandaughter so much

444 Grannydream

Why are toys still so gendered?

105 Mollygo

Does the maternal gran always have the advantage?

76 MercuryQueen

Long distance grandparent & relationship with adult son

14 NotSpaghetti

Too many "expert" theories

117 LOUISA1523

Teenage grandaughter is hard work!

68 NanaDana

Contact with Grandchild

18 Hithere


49 Norah

Possible infertility

18 Grannmarie


44 Grammaretto

Being a parent again

47 Nopeaceincumbria

Mothers need support - how best to offer it?

16 Mama2020

Feeing left out

162 nightowl

Birthing partner

27 downtoearth

Unbiased Help Needed

35 Mamasperspective

Maintaining Boundaries

96 Smileless2012

Grandma with anxiety

9 crazyH

grandchildren and deodorant

70 VenusDeVillendorf

grandson hits his head

26 Franbern

Is it too late?

18 Smileless2012

Grandson with Working Memory Complex

8 Whiteanemone