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emotional intelligence in children

19 Grannyjacq1

Caring for grandchild.

57 JennyBlake

I'm whacked out

32 Maggiemaybe

Grandchildren and Christmas gifts

146 quizqueen

Birthday present for 10 year old boy

23 fsweetpea123

Hopeful to be a new grandma!

11 gillybob

a day at the seaside.

11 NotAGran55

Tricks of grandparents!

7 Urmstongran

Women who don’t value girls

114 SirChenjin

Feeling tugged in all directions

153 Sam1965

Are we being unreasonable?

43 DancesWithOtters

Advice please.

26 Hithere

Mini crib or standard size crib

7 MovingOn2018

Grandchild support

2 lmm6

What's your favourite activity to do with your grandchild?

45 BBbevan

Are there any other grans on here who help to bring up their grandchild?

35 jenpax

grandchild love seems overwhelming at times

45 pinkprincess

Too sensitive?

25 Widget1

Step grandchildren - AIBU

79 Mamma66

Adult child living at home

53 Jue1

Long distance Grandparenting

22 smugglers13

How Much should I be involved

49 Summerstorm

Ungrateful daughter

80 M0nica

Wonderful I'm to be a Nanna again ❤

18 luluaugust

Such a relief

20 Starlady

Trapped in an impossible situation...

61 paddyann

Am I protecting my grandbaby or hurting her?

6 MovingOn2018

Grandson is rude.

124 goodgran

Oh - the angst !

36 JackyB

Boundaries and "knowing my place"

73 EllanVannin

Entertaining a 3 1/2 year old and 1yr old

5 Deedaa

grandkids glued to devices

92 melp1

Sharing Home and Grandparenting

17 MovingOn2018

Holiday care

13 Cold

19 year old - desperate for advice

14 mabaleka

New GC on way - feeling ambivalent

38 Norah

Has anyone experienced this?

44 trisher

Family problems..

46 Miep1

Looking after DGD for first time overnight

20 Norah

Grandparenting reviews

3 Christinemeah

Family on the coast

19 GoodMama


26 paddyann

grandson hits his head

23 love0c

relating to a granddaughter

37 JustStoppingBy

Is it okay to say let's skip this summer

76 Coolgran65

Bilingual granddaughter

8 luluaugust

Stopped from seeing grandchildren

22 Starlady

Grandkids don’t seem to like me + hubs isn’t into grandparenting

56 alchemilla

Advice please.

26 talkingdead

one sided Contact

18 Starlady