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Stopped from seeing grandchildren

22 Starlady

Grandkids don’t seem to like me + hubs isn’t into grandparenting

56 alchemilla

relating to a granddaughter

31 Razzy

Is it okay to say let's skip this summer

68 Simplelife

Advice please.

26 talkingdead

Looking after DGD for first time overnight

15 glammagran

one sided Contact

18 Starlady

grandson hits his head

21 love0c

For being you....

10 Carbonated

Grandson's handwriting

41 Loislovesstewie

Impact of Social Media on grandparent expectations and experience.

62 Starlady

That's it then. Finito.

105 Starlady

Bringing up baby to be multilingual

33 Floradora9

Grandkids dad has become raging alcoholic

30 HurdyGurdy

Are there any other grans on here who help to bring up their grandchild?

17 flaxwoven

Warring parents...

42 FarNorth


23 Bella2018

Not living near daughter

175 Starlady

So worried

60 Summerlove

occupying 2 year old

18 Sara65

Granddaughter Problems

18 notanan2

Budding poets

4 JackyB

Car seats

33 grumppa

Step - grandparenting problems

23 Sara65

don't panic

32 Witzend

Nana or granny?

173 Itsnotme

Shouting at grandchild

53 Starlady

Largish family reunion, any ideas?

30 breeze


14 Starlady

How to broach subject/support daughter

81 tw1nkle

Grandson with huge appetite

32 Callistemon

Have you bought a cot/cotbed for your grandchild?

27 Coolgran65

Settling DGS

25 BradfordLass72

Should we ignore it

65 LullyDully

DIL seeking advice

18 Anja

New GC

82 Starlady

Cheeky or funny?

56 LullyDully

My daughter favours one child over another

43 Namsnanny


15 janeainsworth

New step grand parent

10 MissAdventure

We are simply the best !

8 Anja

DIL seeking advice from grandparents

22 Starlady

Retirement Blues

49 ElaineI

not realy feeling the grandparent thing

29 Deedaa

I'm step mother and we just had a grandbaby

52 Bibbity

My shy Granddaughter

19 Grandma70s

Is she too demanding or am I too soft?

53 dreamspirit


28 Franbern

How to help DGS

39 bonnieronni

New GC on way - feeling ambivalent

33 PamelaJ1