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bagitha Thu 02-Feb-12 10:25:22

You need a bit floor space for this. Not sure what the minimum suitable age would be.

Players form a circle.
In the middle is a blindfolded player who is given a wooden spoon.
A saucepan is placed upsidedown on the floor somewhere within the circle.
The blindfoldee has to find it with the spoon and bang it.
Players in the circle can say ‘warm’, ‘cold’, ‘hot’ as appropriate.
They can also drum their hands on the floor to give a hint as to where the pan is.
Note: VERY NOISY when played by cub scouts!

Annika Thu 02-Feb-12 11:41:16

Looking after the grandchildren next Tuesday will get them to play this.
I am now off to the shops to buy some cotton wool to put in my ears grin
When I previewed this message I had put gangchildren, and thinking about it the first spelling would have fitted just right ! grin

Hunt Thu 02-Feb-12 11:42:35

Our favourite is musical hat. all present sit in a circle , an old trilby makes a perfect musical hat. You put the hat on the head of the person sitting next to you and so on round the circle while the music plays. Whoever is wearing the hat when the music stops is out,resulting in the last few having to race across the circle to put the hat on those who are left. This Christmas even the dog joined in!

numberplease Thu 02-Feb-12 15:40:18

We haven`t had a large family gathering for several years now, but we used to love Chinese whispers, amazing how the message could change betwee the start and the finish!

lucid Thu 02-Feb-12 16:47:22

We used to play a game called 'A good fat hen and this' it was a long rhyme and you had to repeat each line in turn whilst passing a small pair of nail scissors to the next person. Only the very observant would see that the trick was to cross one foot over the other whilst passing on the scissors. (The scissors would be opened and then closed before being passed on)
The full rhyme is:
9 nimble noblemen nobly nibbling nombreals,
8 elegant elephants elegantly elevated,
7 Severn salmon swallowing shrimps,
6 Arabian mares all shaven and shorn with tales and manes cut uniform,
5 brown bears,
4 running hares,
3 plump partridges baked in a dish,
2 turtle doves,
A good fat hen
and this....

yogagran Sun 05-Feb-12 13:59:58

We played a similar game to that lucid but without the rhyme. We passed open or closed scissors around the circle saying "I pass these scissors to you like this" - it too ages for some people to "cotton on" to the trick. I think we used to fold our arms after passing the scissors - I seem to remember playing it at the table so our feet would not have been visible.
I love the rhyme though as will copy that out to learn and pass the game on to the next generation!

yogagran Sun 05-Feb-12 14:01:31

There was something else called "black magic" and it involved two people going out of the room and then coming back in and a lot of questions being asked, but I can't remember how it all worked sad

Maniac Wed 25-Sep-13 18:07:52

On a recent TV program Penelope Wilton mentioned that the cast of Downton Abbey spend lots of time between scenes playing 'Bananas'.
My DD1 bought this for me 3 yrs ago and we now play it every time we have a family meet.
What is your family's favourite table game?

Maniac Wed 25-Sep-13 18:08:18


Lilygran Thu 26-Sep-13 14:12:55

On long car journeys, we play a number of games but the favourite is, 'My aunt went to market and bought......' The first player chooses an item beginning with 'a', the next with 'b' and so on through the alphabet with each player having to remember all the items in order. A variation is ' I love my love with an A (then b, c, d etc) because he is anxious. His name is Alfred and he lives in Aberystwyth'. The players don't have to remember and repeat what's been said but the game carries on until someone is stumped for a word that hasn't already been used.

numberplease Tue 01-Oct-13 20:17:28

My MIL was very fond of sitting everyone in a big circle, someone was allocated to be the "pussy", and had to crawl on hands and knees, go up to someone and go "Miaow". The person being miaowed at had to stroke the pussy`s head and say "Poor pussy", but without laughing, if you laughed you became the next pussy. Strangely, the game was called "Poor Pussy"!

glassortwo Tue 01-Oct-13 21:55:46

number glad to see you back again, hope you are ok x

Maniac Wed 02-Oct-13 11:20:07

In my post I asked about favourite table games.
Having had such fun with 'Bananas 'in the last 3yrs I wondered if there were other table games I hadn't heard of.

numberplease Wed 02-Oct-13 18:42:08

Thank you Glass, I`m OK, still a bit "ouchy", but I`m sure it`ll pass.

seasider Thu 03-Oct-13 14:59:41

At Christmas we play a game that all ages seem to enjoy. To play the host needs to wrap up 5 or 6 random presents (nothing expensive just sweets and cheap tat) which are put in the middle of the circle. A pack of cards is dealt out between all players. The dealer has another pack of cards and when they turn over a card you have in your hand you can take a present. When there are no presents left in the middle you can "steal" one from another player and so on until all the cards have been turned over when the players who have the presents in their possession get to keep them. (we try and ensure the small children end up with something) It does get quite competitive and it was very funny last Christmas watching the adults scrapping over what I knew to be a box of stuffing! grin.

whenim64 Thu 03-Oct-13 15:38:16

My grandchildren like the 'Who Am I?' Game, in which you have a post-it bearing the name of someone famous stuck on your forehead and you can ask them questions, answered by yes or no, till you get it. I was Postman Pat, which was impossible to guess, then a schoolfriend whose name I didn't know, but was informed he was famous at school!. They were laughing their heads off, especially whilst learning the game and giving the answer away as they worked out what a clue is.

KatyK Fri 04-Oct-13 11:17:00

I can remember being thrilled to bits on Christmas morning if I received a compendium of games. As far as I can recall this was a box containing several games such as ludo and snakes and ladders. It used to keep us entertained for hours.

Ian42 Sun 06-Oct-13 19:32:14

On Christmas evening our family play Newmarket.