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Grandparents' survey on special needs - win an Amazon voucher

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LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 13-Aug-13 14:46:54

Many families already rely heavily on grandparents for childcare and support but what about when you have a grandchild with special needs or learning disabilities?
Netbuddy has compiled a survey aimed at people in this situation and we'd be very grateful if you could fill it in here.
Do you think physical limitations and illnesses are easier to accept as grandparents?
Do you think there is enough support aimed at grandparents of disabled children?
We'd love to hear your experiences. One respondent selected at random will receive a £50 Amazon voucher from Netbuddy. And as an added bonus if you fill in the survey and then post on this thread letting us know we'll choose someone at random to receive a bottle of Champagne.

Cynabun Fri 16-Aug-13 12:59:56

Sorry but I don't see where to access the survey?

Elegran Fri 16-Aug-13 13:55:56

Where it says "here" in blue - "we'd be very grateful if you could fill it in here."

Things in blue on GN are links.

Cynabun Fri 16-Aug-13 17:06:15

Sorry but there is word Here anywhere that i can see

dogsdinner Fri 16-Aug-13 17:40:27

I also can't see a blue Here.

Gally Fri 16-Aug-13 17:48:33

...........If you could fill it in HERE !!

Gally Fri 16-Aug-13 17:50:15

It's above "do you think physical limitations and illnesses..............."

chubbynanny Fri 16-Aug-13 17:51:38

I have completed the survey. Thank you so much for the Net Buddy link, the site is very helpful and interesting. smile

Elegran Fri 16-Aug-13 18:29:37

It is the second sentence of the thread.

The whole sentence with it in is "Netbuddy has compiled a survey aimed at people in this situation and we'd be very grateful if you could fill it in here."

If you select the last word you will go to the survey.

KatGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 16-Aug-13 20:02:09

Here's the link again for ease smile

pamelaJEAN Fri 16-Aug-13 20:59:56

I have filled the survey in, my grandaughter has Williams Syndrome, she is now 10 years old, but more like a 3 year old in her ways, my daughter is a very private person, and although my grandaughter attends a special school, during the long summer holidays it is difficult for my daughter, she will not ask me for help, as my husband is also disabled . My heart aches for her, and my grandaughter, the summer school is £45 per day, and of course there is no way she can afford to pay that. My grandaughter had a heart bypass operation when she was 8, she was born with a cleft palate, and has had numerous other problems... but she is our little ray of sunshine... always happy and bubbly...but people can be so cruel.....

Cynabun Sat 17-Aug-13 00:03:20

Thank you....found and completed.

Aurelia Tue 20-Aug-13 22:31:37

I've completed the survey, I love the Net Buddy site, it will be a regular favourite of mine from now on. Thank you!

glammanana Fri 23-Aug-13 22:20:27

I completed the survey and was thrilled to learn about The Net Buddy Site,it is another avenue we can look at,DD is now the permanent foster mum of a sweet little boy of nearly 2yrs who has learning difficulties he has brought such joy to our lives since we where lucky enough for him to come into our family.

Granoveve Sat 12-Oct-13 10:25:39

I completed the survey and then explored the site. I liked the questions about grandparents needing extra support and also those about having things to contribute. All too often nowadays we get told that we don't understand how difficult it is, even though we have the child for long periods of time, even taking him on holiday.