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Adopted Grandchildren

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Wallygrom Mon 11-Nov-13 19:34:12

I have one adopted grandson as well as birth grandchildren.....its really difficult but I found a fab website that you may find helps you - take a read of

trendygran Tue 29-Oct-13 13:59:34

I have one Adopted Grandson, who lives at the other side of town from me. He's just started full time school and loves it! I don't think of him as any different from my two natural Granddaughters (300 miles away, so rarely seen, unfortunately)and we have a good relationship. My daughter was unable to have children and I have great admiration for her and my SIL for giving a much better life to a child from a difficult background. Her only regret is that he was 18 months old by the time all the 'red tape' was completed. She still pines for the 'baby' stage.

Wallygrom Mon 28-Oct-13 19:46:12

Should have given you this link!

Wallygrom Mon 28-Oct-13 17:57:07

I have one adopted grandson who is also miles away but we speak on the phone and skype occasionally....he has been in the family since he was a year old and he is now 6....we don't get to see him and his sister (who was an unexpected miracle for my daughter) as often as we would like, usually 3-4 visits a year due to the distance between us and work and other commitments. Skype is deffo the way to go, we also send postcards regularly to let him know we are thinking about him. There is a fab website that you might like to have a look at - contributions are from parents and grandparents - its also National Adoption week coming up so lots of useful info too!!

annodomini Mon 28-Oct-13 09:56:57

GrandmaMD, you might be able to get the children used to you if you regularly Skype your family. They would then come to see you as part of the scenery.

Mishap Mon 28-Oct-13 09:45:17

I have two adopted nephews - I know that my parents (their new grandparents) terated them just the same as the other GC. The only difference was that we all made a big fuss of them when they first came and welcomed them to our family. And we celebrated their choosing day - which was the day they arrived. They are big boys now and very much part of the family.

The only difficult thing is that the SSD has insisted over the years that they maintain contact with some members of their birth family (altho' not the parents) and this can sometimes create uncomfortable situations.

I wish you every happiness with your new additions to the family.

GrandmaMD Mon 28-Oct-13 02:11:52

I would be interested to hear from anyone who is a Grandparent to adopted children.

I have 2 grandhildren who I see every 3 months as i live in the USA and it is tough as many of you know.

My husband and are very excited about being Grandparents to one maybe 2 adopted grandhildren next year. I have been reading up and following advice given to our children but would love to hear from others who have gone through this transition as i cannot just fly over and say, Hi, I am you new Grannie. This would totally confuse them so I know it needs to be handled well.