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Kiora Tue 10-Dec-13 18:03:56

I'm sitting here waiting for my 3 year old G.S for a sleepover so that grandad and I can take him to Christmas grotto tomorrow. I can hardly wait to see his little face light up with delight. I am also waiting to hear how my poor 13 year old G.S takes the news that by the end of the week he will be loosing the man he calls dad and his home for the 2nd time in his young life. My daughters leaving for the right reasons but I just wish she'd think before she leaps into relationships next time. If not for her but for him.

Mishap Tue 10-Dec-13 18:39:58

Oh kiaora - how very difficult for you. Thank goodness you are there as a solid loving person in this young man's life.

Don't let it spoil your grotto visit - enjoy.

Iam64 Tue 10-Dec-13 18:42:10

Kiora I do hope you enjoyed your day. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's troubles, and hope that things are not too difficult for her, or her children, or the rest of those who love them

Soutra Tue 10-Dec-13 18:46:02

They are very lucky to have you as their rock (as is your DD) as you will be there to provide stability and calm while their little boat is rocking. (to mix my metaphors - maybe not the best ones perhaps "anchor" and " safe haven "would be more appropriate but you know what I mean))

Nonu Tue 10-Dec-13 19:21:49

KIAORA may I sincerely wish and yours the very best of everything .

Ariadne Tue 10-Dec-13 20:55:35

Kiora, Soutra I'd right. You're their stability, and they won't forget that. I feel for your DGS, though - it is so hard for children to experience that sort of upheaval, but you obviously understand what is going on and I know you will handle it for him.

Hope the grotto was fun!

Kiora Wed 11-Dec-13 03:34:26

Here we are at this ungodly hour still awake because of my 3yr old g.s snoring like a trooper & worried about the 13 year old who was devastated.