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The things they say.......

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Flowerofthewest Fri 07-Nov-14 17:47:16

Can't find the OP for this thread, so sorry. Had to share though:

DD - Come on O... time to get up for school

O... - No mummy, not today it's a Ant day

DD - Ant Day? what's that?

O... -Ant Day mummy, you said last night, no school tomorrow its a Ant Day

DD - I'm not sure what you mean but it is school today. Oh do you mean
Inset ( Insect) Day?

O... - I think so mummy, thought it was Ant Day.

DD - Well Inset Day is the day after not today so time to get up.

shysal Sat 08-Nov-14 07:42:22


KatyK Sat 08-Nov-14 12:46:10

I said to my friend recently that my granddaughter has an inset day at school. My friend said what's an insect day - she is 66!

Galen Sat 08-Nov-14 13:41:16

Well at least she doesn't confuse ejaculate with eject as my late mother did!

Atqui Sat 08-Nov-14 19:40:11

Ha ha ! My mother reported that my nephew had an U descended tentacle

Atqui Sat 08-Nov-14 19:40:47


rosequartz Wed 10-Dec-14 14:04:30

DGD (just 3) struggling to put on her coat because the sleeves were inside out:

'Oh, oh, oh, please help, this coat won't put me in it'!

whenim64 Thu 30-Apr-15 19:48:23

Looking after twin grandsons (6) after school. Whilst doing his homework, first grandson said 'we did P.E. this afternoon. What's P.E.?' I explained it means physical exercise, and he guessed that I don't do as much P.E. as he does. 'That's because I'm retired now - I don't go to school.' He shook his head 'no, it's because you've got a big tummy, that's how I know you don't do P.E.' Brother, sensing an opportunity for some mischief, wandered over to check my tummy.

First grandson whispered to his brother 'remember - we're not allowed to say fat.' grin

Lona Thu 30-Apr-15 19:57:55

when grin they are so funny aren't they?

Deedaa Wed 06-May-15 20:33:35

DD was just telling me about the time she took GS1 swimming. In the very penetrating voice they keep for these occasions he said "Oh look! There's a whole family of them!" "Them" was a black family. DD felt that if she went over and said that he had lots of coloured friends but they were all from mixed marriages and that her two god daughters are half Kenyan she would just be digging a bigger hole hmm

loopylou Wed 06-May-15 20:50:06

DS (age 6): 'We learned all about contraception today'
Me shock and frantically trying to remember whether I'd seen any letter from the school about sex education: 'Really? And what did your teacher say?'
DS: 'It gets very warm'
Me: 'Really?'
DS: 'Yes, and it runs down the windows'
Me (racking my brain and trying to be nonchalant): 'Do you mean condensation?'
DS: 'Yes, contraception, that's what I said'

soontobe Wed 06-May-15 21:02:40

For years, my kids said soupcases, instead of suitcases. I didnt have the heart or inclination to correct them!

AshTree Wed 06-May-15 21:17:18

Many years ago when my DD tripped on the moors and feel backwards into a gorse bush (ouch shock) she cried: "quick, get me the anti-hypnotist cream"

whenim64 Fri 22-May-15 16:42:53

DGD, 3 years, coerced me into being the Wicked Queen to her Snow White this morning. I also had to be the 'Seven Warbs.' She gave me a picnic basket and instructed me to knock on the cottage door to bring her a shiny red apple. She whispered 'it'll make me poorly and send me to sleep cos it's got a pip in it.'

I did as I was told and we repeated her play ad nauseum, until I knocked once more on her cottage door and she shouted from the kitchen 'she's gone out!' grin

hildajenniJ Fri 22-May-15 17:47:44

DGS2 age 4 has a speech delay. He is now starting to use language appropriately, but not always correctly, and it is still somewhat fractured. He was eating the dessert prepared by my DD which was a sort of trifle with fresh fruit in the bottom. He had enjoyed the creamy caramel top and when he reached the fruit he shuddered. "Mummy" he said, "it electrified me".

Eloethan Fri 22-May-15 18:25:35

Quite a good description really, especially as it was accompanied by a shudder.

etheltbags1 Mon 01-Jun-15 21:37:16

what is an inset day, DGD starting nursery soon so I will need to be clued up in the jargon

FarNorth Mon 01-Jun-15 22:56:29

IN SErvice Training, for the staff. Holiday for the kids.

Nelliemoser Tue 02-Jun-15 23:03:04

Hildaj That sounds very creative indeed to me.

Faye Tue 02-Jun-15 23:18:40

GD 3 watching tv and couldn't hear because I was vacuuming said "peese stop mowing."

Nelliemoser Tue 02-Jun-15 23:37:11

DGS is now 2yrs 8mnths is creating his own grammar rules. Playing with his toy lawn mower he had been "lawning" and he "bettered" his Daddy when his Dad had come home with a cold, and uses other similar expressions. I just love this stage of creative language use they go through.

Grandma2213 Wed 03-Jun-15 00:05:31

One of my sons, years ago, described the slightly bent, noisy windscreen wipers on our car as 'windscreamers' a word we use to this day! The same boy when told I was checking for wax in his ears asked, "Whats a wac?"
We all still describe a 'noffy' nose when we have a cold. It definitely should be a real word as it is so descriptive!

whenim64 Wed 01-Jul-15 21:28:31

This has appeared on Facebook. An essay on Grandparents by 8 year old. Priceless! grin