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HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:33:32

As part of our preparations to get the mobile site up and running we are changing the way we do reviews to make sure they work just as well on a phone or tablet as they do on the desktop site.

This means discontinuing the old-style review pages and moving them onto the forums instead. We will also be losing the product reviews topic on the forums as we reckon it's far easier to find reviews for beauty products, say, under 'Style and beauty' or great hotels under 'Travel' than it is to trawl through reams of things that are not relevant to your search.

That bit coming soon - but for now we will be reposting all your reviews for toys and games on this thread so that the info is still available to anyone who'd like to use it. Of course if you have others that you would like to rave/moan about do feel free to add here too.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:35:24

Dinosaurs, Playmobil - overall rating 10/10

(From Chubby)

(2011) Really sturdy, lots of fun, great for imaginative play.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:36:42

Dolls House, Plan Toys - overall rating 10/10

(From NanaFord)

I purchased one of PlanToys dolls houses for my granddaughter and it is both modern (Scandanavian style) and very well made.

This includes all the furniture and dolls that I also purchased.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:38:13

Duplo, Lego - overall rating 10/10

(From pmt1)

(2011) Brilliant for any child their imagination can go wild and build lots of things, excellent quality which will last for years

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:39:56

Orchard Games - overall rating 10/10

(From Nanabelle)

(2015) I love these small games - we had the Ladybird game about 30 years ago and they still make it! The quality of the cards is very good, strong and sturdy. My granddaughter of 2 and a half loves playing and had learnt to use a dice and take turns. They are not expensive games but will last a long time.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:41:28

Sledge, Blue Yonder - overall rating 10/10

(From wellers)

(2013) Bought a sledge from Blue Yonder Camper Vans. It was for my grandchildren and is of excellent quality. They used it all last winter and had many hours of fun. The service from Blue Yonder was prompt and efficient, and the sledge arrived the day after purchase by courier. Would highly recommend them.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:43:30

Sound Blocks, Melissa & Doug - overall rating 10/10

(From Chubby)

(2011) Very popular with 2 year old grandson. You match up the pictures to get the sound. Nice and chunky for small hands and brightly coloured.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:44:47

Tractor Ted - overall rating 10/10

(From EmilyGransnet)

My two little boys absolutely love this range (aged 1 and 3), and what is not to love! We tried out the bath squirters (also great for outdoor play in the summer) which made bath time extra fun, and the farm animal crayons made drawing more appealing for two boys who aren't always that willing to do arts and crafts. The greatest hits CDs is really jolly and fun, both my boys love singing and it's a real lifesaver for long journeys. Likewise with the diggers and dumpers DVD, they are both besotted with anything with wheels and this is a great little trick when I need ten minutes to get some housework done (or simply ten minutes peace!). Tractor Ted also has an adorable clothing range, if like my boys, they can't get enough of it! If you have little ones that love tractors and farmyards, something from the Tractor Ted range would make a great Christmas or birthday gift.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:46:59

Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise, Fisher-Price - overall rating 9/10

(From paulinecnd)

(2011) We were given this Cookie Shape sorter. Since day 1, our Grandson has played with it every time he visits. We have seen him gradually able to fit all the shapes in, starting with the yellow round shape which is the easiest. I have not found that "Some of the shape pieces fit into different shaped holes". It is very well made but one of the sound elements has stopped working.

(From sam1603)

(2011) Overall I liked this toy and the concept behind it. It is very brightly colored and therefore instantly enticing to children. My daughter wanted to start playing with it before we even got it out of the packaging. It is also very well made and it appears to be very durable, which is a must with a young child.

Once we started to play with the toy, I found there were some minor issues, although these did not detract from the overall enjoyment of the toy. Some of the shape pieces fit into different shaped holes and when putting the shapes into the correct holes, they need to go in at a specific angle to make them fit. Also, the songs do become a bit repetitive but I don't feel that this bothered my daughter as much as it did me.

I would buy this for someone else and recommend it to other mums, as I feel that it is a good toy for encouraging the progress of a child's hand eye co-ordination.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:48:31

ig Farm Radio controlled tractors - overall rating 9/10

(From lollypops14)

(2014) This product is absolutely fantastic, great value for money in comparison to others alike on the market. Our two year old used this with ease and really enjoyed whizzing it around the house. The detail on the tractor was excellent right down to the wing mirrors. This remote control tractor would make an excellent fun present for an adult as well as children as it's just so fun and responsive to use. The control was a tad heavy but nothing unmanageable and it does use a fair amount of battery life, but what toy doesn't! Overall a great product for a great price!

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:49:55

Jimmy Thunders remote car, Chicco - overall rating 9/10

(From glammanana)

(2012) What a delightful little car, so bright and chunky ideal for little hands, good sounds to be imitated and cool flashing headlamps. The colours are very attractive and eye catching. The remote steering wheel was also used in the family car when little man was in his car seat. As previously stated I would certainly invest in rechargeable batteries just in case the car ran out of fuel and you were left stranded.

I was picked by GNHQ to review this product. These are my own views written in my own words.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:52:11

John Deere Sit and Scoot ATV - overall rating 9/10

(From LaraGransnet)

I’m all for kids choosing their own toys instead of being pushed into pink for girls and blue for boys. Which is why my daughter has a very pink princess castle as well as a Black and Decker workbench. She loves any form of transport too - planes, trains, cars, tractors all send her into paroxysms of delight.

So, when asked to review the John Deere Sit and Scoot I thought this would be right up her street. We’ve also recently moved and with more of a garden and summer making a hesitant approach, I’m keen for her to spend more time outdoors.

Just the box arriving excited her no end. And when she saw what was inside I could see the adrenalin go into overdrive. All day we’d been trying to encourage her to go outside but it was a little chilly and she wanted to stay indoors instead. But after making it clear that this toy was only for outside, off she went immediately.

Of course we had to go too to observe and admire her driving skills. I was impressed by how it fared on our not so recently cut lawn (it all terrain!) as well as the paving area. And she loved the realistic sound effects, music and blinking turn signals. And I loved seeing her spend so much time outside.

She had a ball being in the driver’s seat (it’s a matter of much consternation on most car journeys that she is too little to drive yet - and will be for some time!)

I only wish we’d got her something similar sooner. She’s 2 ½ now and although I can see this being a favourite toy for the summer, I imagine if we’d bought it for her 1st birthday she would have got a few years out of it (can’t say that for many toys!). Luckily her baby brother arrived just two weeks ago and the Sit and Scoot looks quite robust (again, sadly not something I'd say about many of her toys) so I imagine it will still be around for him to inherit and enjoy too.

Highly recommended as a gift for a new grandchild or as a 1st birthday present.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:54:12

Quattro Sit n Ride, Chicco - overall rating 9/10

(From whenim64)

(2012) Initial impressions of the Sit n Ride Quattro:

Easy to assemble, despite 4 litte twin hands trying to help.

One twin not happy with the safety harness, as it restricted her movements forward when she wanted to investigate. The harness is quite a tight fit for a 12 month old baby, as it will need to be used for three or four months more.

The lift-out activity centre is great. There is a car-skid sound which proved popular (fortunately, you can remove the batteries!)

Sturdy. We had read reviews saying it was unstable, but the centre of gravity is low, and it appears to be stable.

The shallow rocker facility is not impressive, but that's the first stage (9 months) and we took the rockers off again to use the wheels.

Great to have a handle so adults can push it along without stooping. Wouldn't be able to use it on an uneven surface as parts are only millimetres from the floor.

Twin babies playing with it, and at 12 months old, it is ideal for walking practice, as toddlers can push it along as well as sit and ride.

What a great idea for it to change according to the age of the baby/toddler. It is quite expensive, but as it's so adaptable, it should prove to be good value, and will still be in use in another couple of years.

Here is my follow-up review for the Quattro Sit n Ride:

The Sit n Ride is £69.99 RRP, and I have seen it for £60 on Amazon. I would pay that price as it is described as having four functions from ages 9 months to 3 years, and whilst initially relatively expensive, is good value for the length of time it will be in use.

After playing with it for a fortnight, my twin grandaughters, 12 months old, continue to enjoy exploring it and will vie with each other to take over playing with it.

When it is brought into the room for them to play with it, they both become excited and laugh in anticipation of being sat on the toy.

Neither child likes the safety harness. They are both quite tall and the straps restrict them on their shoulders, leading to protests and attempts to take the harness off.

They like to use it as a baby walker, by standing at the back and using the handle to push it along.

The detachable playcentre has fun sounds, and their favourite is a skidding noise. Both babies have become more confident about balancing when sat on the toy, and walking along with it.

There are no sharp edges, the colours are attractive, and the babies like its smiley face, which resembles cartoon faces they like on Baby TV.

I would recommend the Sit n Ride to other mums and grandparents.

I was picked by GNHQ to review this product, which I received for free. The review is written in my own words and reflects my true opinion.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:59:56

Skoot - overall rating 9/10

(From Salt)

(2013) Our Skoot was given to us for a product review. Skoot is a 2 in 1 retro-styled ride-on with an internal luggage compartment.

We received a red Skoot for our three year old DS, who was very pleased when he smashed open the huge box it came in. It was a bit stiff to assemble at first, but quite easy to put together the the end as we had clear instructions.

DS enjoyed packing his own luggage (with a bit of help!). The compartment can hold 13L, so it was quite handy for our weekend away. The ride-on kept him amused whilst we were waiting in reception and in the hotel room. It also came with a strap so we could pull him, but that wasn't really necessary as he was mainly racing ahead!

The only thing I would say is, although DS was able to ride around on the Skoot, it did look like he was outgrowing it and he is only at the lower end of the recommended age range. I don't think he'll be able to ride around on this at six years old.

Overall I think this is a brilliant product - it keeps the kids amused and holding their own luggage!

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 15:21:29

Stroll Along Walker, Fisher Price - overall rating 9/10

(From grannygrunt)

(2011) We were really pleased with this baby walker, it is sturdy, pretty colours and is ideal as the child grows older too as it can be used as a dolls pram, (the doll is included).

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 15:22:48

Talking Carpenter, Chicco - overall rating 9/10

(From JoanJett)

(2012) Grandson enjoyed playing with this. He liked making noises with the drill and the vice and trying to turn the screws with the screwdriver. There is a large variety of sounds and music, and the French option is also a good idea. It has the potential to be played with in different ways as he gets older and more aware of what the tools are.

Only minus point is that it's quite loud, a volume control would be welcome!

I was picked by GNHQ to review this product which I received for free. This review is in my own words and reflects my true opinion.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 15:24:26

Table top football - overall rating 8.5/10

(From toodles60)

(2011) I bought this for my grandson recently and he absolutely loves it. Plays on it with his older brother for hours. Very reasonably priced and very sturdy. You'll find the children have fun for hours and hours. They seem to chatter out a running commentary as well that would put Gary Lineker's football presenting skills to shame smile A good buy and I would recommend

(From jmk4646)

(2011) I won this as a prize and got it out for my grandsons aged six and nine yesterday as the rain poured down.

I didn't think it would amuse them for long, but two hrs later they were still playing & enjoying it.

I am not sure if my table top would have stood up to it but this game played on the floor realy kept their attention.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 15:30:28

Elefun Snackin Safari - overall rating 8/10

(From Laineyd)

(2012) A really fun game for two players from age 3+

Fun, bright and energetic, it had everyone running over the room and jumping up and down to find the right coloured cards. It also seems very well made and sturdy, essential as the trunks are thrown around all over the place.

DD (just under 3) found the trunks a little tricky to use to actually collect a card off of the floor using the spring. but loved the hand piece all the same, she quickly adapted her style to collect the cards a different way, the older children had no trouble using them, I would definitely wait until DC’s are over 3.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 15:45:04

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HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 15:49:12

His And Hers, Drumond Park - overall rating 8/10

(From goose1964)

(2012) Found the rules really complicated so we created our own!! It's surprising what men and women know about their other half's "subjects". I beat my heavily pierced son-in-law on a question regarding body piercing. If you like Trivial Pursuit you'll probably like this. Overall a bit of fun.

HQ1 Thu 09-Jul-15 15:51:17

Talking Kitchen, Chicco - overall rating 8/10

(From annemac101)

(2012) I had the Talking Kitchen. I have a grandson who is 2yrs and 3mths and a granddaughter who's 15 mths. When the toy arrived my grandson was there, the excitement was great, he played with the kitchen as I spent ages trying to undo the wire from the back holding it into the box. It was bright and colourful and not aimed at male or female. He loved it immediately and although not interested in the musical element he enjoyed the sounds. He put his dinosaur in the oven and proceeded to pretend to eat it. He is just beginning to play at pretend so I thought this was rather good for him.

My granddaughter played with it later, again not bothered about music but loved switching things on and opening and closing oven door. I think this is a toy she will grow into.

My friend's son who is nearly four played well with it too and even repeated some of the French words.

Values of the toy are imaginative play which can be extended, I have already bought a tea set and those small boxes and tins of groceries. I gave my grandson raisins to cook with and serve on plates and he loved it.

The next step up from this would be the full size kitchen but this is good for younger ones as a starter. Good range of kitchen sounds and songs.

What I thought could be improved was the shape shorter. Being at the bottom it's not really used and could do with a door on the back as everything falls out when kitchen is picked up. The plastic egg is pathetic and whoever designed it should be shot. Why show kids a blue egg? Doesn't even look like an egg. I would like to have had another pot as well as the frying pan. Both children loved the pop up toaster and my granddaughter's face was a picture when she learnt how to work it. The oven would benefit from being a bit deeper so the child can put more things inside.

The French function is a good add on and I've seen this in lots of toys, as I said the four year old liked it better.

A good toy for under threes but I thought the price a bit high, on saying that the children have had lots of fun and I would recommend it to friends but would like the few changes I mentioned done.

I was picked by GNHQ to review this product which I received for free.This review is in my own words and reflects my true opinion.