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New Book for Grandparents/parents and others

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JulesMP Sun 16-Aug-15 20:08:30

I am fairly new on here and gather that no advertising should take place.

Fair enough, but I wondered if I could mention a new book (March 2015) which is designed to help adults learn how to create their own stories for children (under 9s)? It helps people, whether family or nursery or primary school workers, develop new skills or extend existing ones and contains 9 stories as examples in addition story games for different age groups and it is beautifully illustrated. I've attached 2 pictures to give you an idea.

And ... How do I know?

Yes, you've guessed, because I wrote it! I'm a regular story-teller to my 4 grandchildren and also run workshops and go into schools to tell stories.
I am not naming the book or giving my name until I discover whether it is ok to do so here - or what should I do. I'm convinced that it's very useful to grandparents and new parents and wish I could share it with all Gransnet members.

Can other members advise me please. I'll supply details on request.

Thank you very much! smile