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Answering the 'why' questions

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BabsAnn Tue 15-Sep-15 16:53:06

My DGD has recently entered the 'why?' stage. She's been chattering along today in her usual nonstop style asking why, what, how etc etc. It's lovely and leads to some very interesting discussions and insights into children's thought processes's exhausting!!

So today, after a whole day of question asking and answering, she asked me who one of her random duplo characters was in a castle scenario and I absentmindedly said, 'the person who pours the drinks.' wine A sign it's time for her dad to come pick her up methinks! #DowntonDuplo

Elegran Tue 15-Sep-15 17:33:59

The most useful answer I found was "What do you think?"

Anne58 Tue 15-Sep-15 18:08:18

Ah Elegran, the "porcupine" technique!

Elegran Tue 15-Sep-15 18:47:59


Anne58 Wed 16-Sep-15 10:12:27

It's prickly, so you throw it back!