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Starlady Tue 14-Mar-17 19:55:47

Marylane, how wonderful that you had that quality time with gs! Tbh, I'm happier for him than for you. It's obvious he needed something like this. I hope the friend provides some attention and enjoyment for him, too. But I don't get why his mum/your daughter isn't spending more time with him or why she doesn't have you around him more, at this time, if you can bring him such joy.

Best wishes for his successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Cherrytree59 Tue 14-Mar-17 16:16:04

One hour of quality time was wonderful for both you and your DGS .
Fingers crossed you may get some more time in the very near future Marylane
I also wish your DGS well for his op on Thursday.

I understand how you feel
We haven't seen our 18 month old grandson since last November .
Every time we ask to see him there is always an excuse. I still have some Xmas presents for the little one from other family members and it's nearly Easter!

Last Monday our son and little grandson were due to come see us whilst some work was been done in grandsons bedroom
However the Saturday before the visit our other DGS who we childmind caught chicken pox so the much awaited visit was called offsad in case we passed the infection on to DGS .

It would have been the first time in over 12 years that we would have seen our son without his wife. (Hope that doesn't sound bad, it is just a fact).

I know we are so Lucky to see our other DGS often but what we would give to just see our little DGS even for a short while .

SandraK Tue 14-Mar-17 15:16:40

I am pleased you managed to get the hour playing with him. I just can't understand your daughter. Have you sat her down and asked her exactly what the problem is and why she treats you this way? She must have some reason for why she restricts your visits to so few and she doesn't sound very caring where you are concerned at all. Did you have problems between you before your grandson was born? It sounds as though you are always scared of confronting her. I know that feeling with my own DD, and I think two or three times before I dare voice my views! Young people today are so different to the way we were towards our parents. Not that my DD is so young now, she's over 40 and should be more considerate! Just saying this so you know you aren't alone with difficult D's.

marylane1996 Tue 14-Mar-17 10:42:11

So many of you gave suggestions and comments I thought I would update you about my grandson who has his op this Thursday. I asked my daughter if I could see him before the op but was told they were very busy keeping him occupied as obviously he was worried about the whole experience, there was no time for me. I replied that I quite understood and that it was better if my gs had a good time. Later I received a text saying I could have one hour and no more as they were out such a lot but she would let me see him when home, possibly two weeks on. I did see my gs and apart from a visit to the zoo of which they are members he had done nothing and just curled up in a ball telling me he was scared. I managed to get him playing a bouncy ball game in the dining room and took a new slant on it involving the ball landing in the frying pan and a up in the sink! He laughed so much it was a joy and that hour will remain precious. Have a present and card to send him but visiting him looks out. My daughter has it her way again and the one thing she could have done was spent time with him and perhaps taken him swimming. She had a friend around instead, what can i say.