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anxious about imminent arrival

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Morgana Fri 28-Apr-17 20:42:40

Getting very edgy now. D.D.'s 2nd expected in next week. Worse than having my own babies! We r two hours away and will be looking after G.D. During hospital stay. Let's hope it doesn't arrive during rush hour. ..

Deedaa Fri 28-Apr-17 20:51:33

I looked after GS1 when his brother was born. I was a bit worried as he had never stayed the night with us before (he was 6) they dropped him off at teatime while they were on their way to hospital. He slept in bed with me quite happily. By next morning I was a bit worried because we'd heard nothing so after breakfast I took him home to wait there. Walked into their house to find them asleep in bed with the new brother! Apparently he'd been born about an hour after they arrived at the hospital. SiL hadn't been able to get a phone signal in the hospital and they had spent the whole evening waiting to get the paperwork done.

SueDonim Fri 28-Apr-17 21:36:02

I've been looking after my 2yo GS while his mum and dad (my son) had their second baby. It's been quite tiring and I was very nervous on the day my dil was in labour - talk about pacing the floor!

Anyway, everyone is home and doing well now. smile