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olliesgran Fri 30-Jun-17 11:56:48

When reading of terrible accidents about babies and blind cords and the likes, I was always perplexed about how such things could happen. Now, with our twin grand daughters aged 1, I know how! One of them has a passion for winding stuff around her neck! Any item of clothing, her tights, her big brother's pyjama trousers, anything long enough to go around her neck, on it goes. And more worrying she does the same with any cables she can lay her hands on. She actively seeks them! Never saw a baby do that before. Even disconnected wires are a danger, and there are plenty of these, with phone chargers, joysticks and the likes!

Jane10 Fri 30-Jun-17 13:22:39

Oh blimey. Good luck babysitting that one olliesgran!

grannyqueenie Fri 30-Jun-17 15:48:23

I feel for you olliesgran we never want stuff to happen to these little ones....and definitely not when they're under our care. Twins are an extra hazard, double the vigilance! I'm currently in charge of 2 big ones while their parents are away for a couple of days. Imagine my horror when at bedtime my nine year old granddaughter proudly showed me her "giant snuggie" i.e. 6 or more muslin squares all knotted together, that she planned to wrap around herself in bed. Let's just say we reached a compromise on that one!