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Lindylou57 Tue 29-Aug-17 16:30:41

Afternoon all. Not sure if you will remembet but back in May I posted that I was concerned about the possible premature of my first grandchild. Just like to very happily let you know that Teddie-Rose was born today at 4am weighing 7lb 10oz and 2 days late! Bit of a traumatic birth but all is well and we are over the moon! And shes gorgeous just like her Gran and Mum.

tiredoldwoman Tue 29-Aug-17 16:42:03

Happy Birthday , Teddie-Rose ! And congratulations to Granny Lindylou . What a happy post !

hildajenniJ Tue 29-Aug-17 16:50:23

Congratulations Lindylou. And happy birthday to Teddie-Rose, what a pretty name.

shysal Tue 29-Aug-17 16:52:08

Congratulations to all! flowers

hulahoop Tue 29-Aug-17 16:58:30

Congratulations isn't it great becoming a grandma🍼🍾

Baggs Tue 29-Aug-17 17:02:00

🙂 Congrats!

cornergran Tue 29-Aug-17 17:23:10

Congratulations to you all.

Claudiaclaws Tue 29-Aug-17 19:14:16

Congratulations on the birth of your Grand daughter.
Be prepared, you will now fall in love!

grannyqueenie Tue 29-Aug-17 23:20:38

Lovely news, enjoy!

Lisalou Wed 30-Aug-17 06:17:20

Fabulous news! Lindylou, Congratulations on your new role as "Super Granny!"

NfkDumpling Wed 30-Aug-17 06:36:50

Congratulations! Holding the child of your child for the first time (and the second, and the ...... ) is a weird and wonderful experience. Enjoy! wine

Iam64 Wed 30-Aug-17 08:51:04

congratulations x

Maggiemaybe Wed 30-Aug-17 08:52:38

Congratulations, Lindylou!

TwiceAsNice Wed 30-Aug-17 08:55:04

Hooray so glad all is well. Enjoy your new grandchild there's nothing quite like it

Lynnebo Wed 30-Aug-17 09:04:13

Fabulous news 💝

Day6 Wed 30-Aug-17 09:18:57

Congratulations! I am glad it all went well. Enjoy all the cuddles.

Teetime Wed 30-Aug-17 09:23:37

Congratulations !!! wineflowers

Lindylou57 Wed 30-Aug-17 13:40:01

Thank you all. It really is amazing!

Newatthis Fri 15-Sep-17 16:55:49

Congratulations Lindylou - this is also my nickname although not my threadname on this site. I too am to become a grandma for the first time in November - may we could beome 1st granny friends!

Nonnie Fri 15-Sep-17 17:10:31

Congratulations, enjoy!

Luckygirl Fri 15-Sep-17 17:11:30

A new arrival - such a joy!