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Birthday cards/presents?

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Marthasimmonds54 Thu 26-Oct-17 05:55:27

Hi everyone. I'm looking for thoughts and advice on birthday cards and presents for my family.

I have so many family members I struggle to keep up with all their birthdays.

What are your ideas on how to send birthday cards to them all and maybe a little present?

Thanks in advance.


Imperfect27 Thu 26-Oct-17 06:02:14

High *Matha,

For the 'children' of brothers/sisters, we buy a gift and card until they are 21. 18th and 21st presents tend to be bigger.

Now that nieces and nephews have all reached 21, we have gone back to buying a little gift for brothers and sisters which we didn't do as the children were growing up.

If someone is local, I sometimes buy a little gift instead of a card as cards are so expensive and you can get chocs / flowers / /a bottle of ale for £2.50-3.

I only have on GS at the moment, but I think I will follow the same pattern and buy gifts for him until he is 21. I still buy something for his mum and dad for Christmas and birthday.

I do buy cards for best friends for birthdays, but can count these on one hand.

Marthasimmonds54 Thu 26-Oct-17 07:37:14

Thanks Imperfect27. I like your strategy.

Do you buy and post a gift and card until they are 21 or do something online?

I cant find the time sometimes and I have 13 under 21 to remember.

I wish there was a easier way.

pensionpat Thu 26-Oct-17 08:28:40

You could buy 13 at the beginning of the year, write on them in one fell swoop and where the stamp goes jot down the date to post or give.

MawBroon Thu 26-Oct-17 08:59:00

Keep a stash of things which are easy to post, and also cards and vouchers. Keep a note on your calendar of everybody’s birthdays PLUS a note the previous month for the upcoming dates so you are prepared
I tend to see brilliant cards at random times throughout the year, so I buy them when I see them and always make sure I have a supply of first class stamps.
As to who gets a card and a gift and who just a card that has to be your decision.
Little children, gift, older children, voucher /money/gift card, adults, just a card.

Newquay Thu 26-Oct-17 09:16:00

You must be online to be on GN. . . . so try free (!) ecards too. They're brilliant and then you get a reminder the following year too.

Marthasimmonds54 Thu 26-Oct-17 09:21:49

Thanks pensionpat

great idea as well!

Marthasimmonds54 Thu 26-Oct-17 09:25:07


yes I'll try to do that also, I just want everything to be perfect, although I'm already old, but I want my kids and grandkids to think that I'm not behind of everything.

Marthasimmonds54 Thu 26-Oct-17 09:51:14


thanks, sounds good!

Marthasimmonds54 Fri 27-Oct-17 03:01:36

Good morning everyone!

Are there and easy ways online to send real cards and small present?

I don't really like ecards but maybe for this generation.