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You may already know this..but..N.I contributions for looking after your Gchildren.

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bikergran Thu 24-May-18 08:10:23

My dd has just sent me this.:

Get paid to babysit
"If you care for your grandchildren under 12, you could be missing out on £4,500 .
You may be elligable for N.I. credits. to top up your state Pension.
So if you of working age and look after your Grandchildren for any amount of time, you "may" be owed money.
Call HMCR on.........(shes given me the number to call but nto sure if Im allowed to put it on)

Juts thought I would pass it on as Ive not come across it before although have heard whispers.
I do look after Gsons but just when n if needed but maybe it may be of use to others.