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Erin2910 Mon 11-Jun-18 08:45:02

My youngest granddaughter is being christened soon and I’m not sure whether a present is a good idea for her older sister. My husband and I have another 2 granddaughters who will also be at the ceremony (who are not christened) and don’t want them to feel left out. There will also be other young children there. I had thought maybe a disposable camera but do we buy for all? Have a rather delicate relationship with daughter in law and often seem to get things wrong and have not much experience of christenings. Your thoughts appreciated.

Nannykay Mon 11-Jun-18 08:57:45

My niece had her twins christened recently, I took gifts for the babies, but as I’m not related to any of the other young children going I didn’t give them a thought. One of the parents did take a couple of games for them all though, there were 9 I think. Anyway, she took a parce the parcel and a big parachute and some bean bags, it kept them happy for ages, she then left it all with my niece for the twins “to grow into”. Perhaps something like that ? They could all play with it on the day, then the big sister keep it to enjoy.

Nannykay Mon 11-Jun-18 08:59:34

9 children that is, not games !

Teetime Mon 11-Jun-18 08:59:47

I would stick with tradition and buy a christening gift for the baby. If its allowed a few sweeties in your bag for the others perhaps.

Granny23 Mon 11-Jun-18 09:03:03

Brilliant idea Nannykay

wildswan16 Mon 11-Jun-18 09:57:53

If you are worried about it I would just buy the baby their christening present and make a fuss of big sister. No point causing problems for yourself. I tend to think children should not expect presents on every possible occasion.

littleflo Mon 11-Jun-18 10:16:22

Don’t buy disposable cameras they cost a fortune to get the films developed

jenpax Mon 11-Jun-18 11:07:06

Why not ask your DIL say you want to do the right thing what would she like to happen say you want her children to feel ok to would she welcome a small gift or not?

glammanana Mon 11-Jun-18 11:39:55

jenpax Such a good idea it's always best to keep the DIL on side they can be a prickly species to say the least smile

Eglantine21 Mon 11-Jun-18 11:54:50

Some small, disposable, for use on the day. Three bubble guns perhaps. A balloon each. Something like that.

Feelingmyage55 Thu 21-Jun-18 01:58:37

Talk to DIl. How lovely - a. Christening is one of the nicest of occasions. Enjoy!

cornergran Thu 21-Jun-18 06:25:00

As your other granddaughters weren’t christened are they cousins to the youngest one rather than siblings? I imagine they will have had gifts from you over time and would understand the christening is for the baby. Your daughter in law may have her own plans in place so best not to spoil those. A chat about the day and children in general with both your son and daughter in law may help clarify. I do like the idea of a shared game for afterwards, you could ask your daughter in law if there is one she thinks would work. We’ve taken a couple of little books or colouring (pencils not felt tips) for our young ones to similar events but not for other children who may be there. Personally I’d steer clear of cameras, it seems to me most children are fine taking photos with their parents phones and older children are likely to have their own. Please don’t worry too much, a christening is less fraught than many occasions and I’m sure will be a lovely family time.