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Franbern Mon 30-Jul-18 16:38:45

At present my eldest daughter and her daughter are on a weeks holiday with my niece and her son. My daughter does have three actual sisters, and a brother, all of whom she has a good relationship. However, she and her cousin are very close both in age and in the ages of their respective children.
My niece has two brothers, no sisters and my daughter has taken that place.
Think it is lovely - my daughter and g.daughter are always included in any close family events of her cousin and vice versa.

Maggiemaybe Sat 28-Jul-18 23:41:55

I have four DGS, two sets of brothers. The two eldest are the same age and very close, even though they are completely different both in appearance and personality. They see one another often, living just an hour apart. They both cried when they realised that when they started school last September they wouldn’t be in the same one, but that’s probably a good thing, as they’ve each had the chance to make their own friends. Yet they say they’ll be friends for life, and I hope they will.

merlotgran Sat 28-Jul-18 23:03:27

Our eldest DGSs (cousins) have been close all their lives even though they live three hours apart. They chose universities just an hour away from eachother and even though they are adults now with their own lives and girlfriends, thanks to social media they are in contact most days.

DH has always been more close to his cousin than his own brother. Life's challenges in advancing years has hit both of them. Their support for eachother goes without question.

I wish I'd had a cousin close to my age but they were all a lot older.

grannyactivist Sat 28-Jul-18 22:59:57

I'm afraid my granddaughter in New Zealand has never met any of her cousins. She is three now and they all FaceTime, but I can't wait for the day when they all meet up and I have them in a room together.

OldMeg Sat 28-Jul-18 22:57:05

Two of my grandchildren (a boy of 10 and a girl of 6) cousins in fact, look very alike. It’s not the first time someone has renarked ‘you can tell they’re brother and sister’ because of the resemblance and how well they get on together.

I don’t contradict people but think ‘they’d not get on quite so well if they were indeed siblings’!

NanaandGrampy Sat 28-Jul-18 22:50:45

Two of my little grandsons often tell me they’re not best friends but they are best cousins .

They often say they’ll still be friends when they’re as old as Grampy !!

I love to see the sheer joy they take in each other’s company .

Deedaa Sat 28-Jul-18 21:17:42

GS2 who is 5 1/2 and GS3 who is nearly 5 lived next door to each other for a couple of years and love playing together. GS1 is nearly 12 and can be a bit too good at winding them up.

ginny Sat 28-Jul-18 17:56:51

We have 2 DGSs. (Cousins). The eldest is nearly 16 , he loves seeing the littl one who is 2 1/2 , plays games with him and reads stories. Little one always asks for ‘E’ and loves to copy him.
Lovely to see.

kittylester Sat 28-Jul-18 13:41:46

Our six youngest grandchildren range in age from almost 5 to 11 (going on 15). They meet up fairly regularly and get on well. The relationship I love is our youngest granddaughter, who is 5, and our eldest grandson, the really cocky 11 year old, who are completely besotted with each other. He shows a completely different side when he is with her - thankfully!!

We have another grandson, due in October, and I wonder what that will bring to the mix.

janeainsworth Sat 28-Jul-18 12:45:36

jacky we have just picked up our American DGS and DS from Edinburgh airport. He is 7 and this is the first visit for 6 years.
By the time we get home his cousins DGD aged 7 and DGS aged 4 will probably have already arrived smile.Like your DGCs they have only spoken to each other on Skype.
It’s going to be a fun weekgrin

JackyB Sat 28-Jul-18 12:23:28

My DGC live on opposite sides of the globe and see each other not more than once a year. We have a boy, just 4, and a girl 3 1/2.

The fact that they are so close in age and that they don't live in each others' pockets, but that they are both used to playing with other children, means that when they are actually together - as they were recently - they interact and play together so beautifully, it is a joy to watch.

The American contingent with DGS were over for a family party and the DGD's other grandmother had brought along a large air mattress which was pumped up but not too hard. The two of them spent ages making each other jump up and down and rolling each other up in it. They had great fun splashing each other in the paddling pool and are both fond of what we used to call "rough and tumble".

They wave to each other over Skype and are happy to talk about each other when they are apart.

Does anyone else have touching stories of how cousins can sometimes get on better than siblings?