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Which famous grandparent are you?

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shysal Mon 08-Oct-18 10:14:02

Anyone else done this GN quiz? I came out as being like Sharon Osborne! Nothing could be further from the truth!
I found the questions difficult as sometimes several of the options applied to me, so if I did it again I might be like somebody else.
Which celebrity came up for you?

Teetime Mon 08-Oct-18 11:46:52

I am as I always expected Queen Elizabeth 11.

shysal Mon 08-Oct-18 12:10:05

I have done it again with slightly different but still true answers. I am now Mary Berry!

NfkDumpling Mon 08-Oct-18 12:49:25

Mary Berry here too. Strange, since she can cook!

KatyK Mon 08-Oct-18 13:49:47

I'm Whoopi Goldberg. I didn't even know she was a mother hmm

M0nica Mon 08-Oct-18 17:18:53

I came out as Tina Turner. confused

callgirl1 Mon 08-Oct-18 17:22:22

I don`t know how from my answers, but I come out as Queen Elizabeth 11

Deedaa Thu 11-Oct-18 22:04:40

Wow! I'm Tina Turner! I can live with that!

M0nica Thu 11-Oct-18 22:10:03

Deedaa so did I!

I have no idea what being a 'Tina Turner' grandparents means. What do Tina Turner type grandparents do that makes them that?

MiniMoon Thu 11-Oct-18 22:13:28

I did this again and picked different answers.
I still came out as Queen Elizabeth.

rafichagran Thu 11-Oct-18 22:22:04

Sharon Osborne for me as well.

NannyJan53 Fri 12-Oct-18 17:36:06

Another Sharon Osborne here! hmm