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nani Mon 31-Dec-18 00:28:10

Hi everyone,

Looking for some advise. I have a CAO fro my grandson, who has been living with me since he was 4/12 now 7.

Childrens services were involved when I had to remove him from a dangerous situation from his house ( alcohol/ drug abuse & domestic violence).

Mum went AWOl all very extreme following the death of my young GD (SID) and was missing on and off for a year with the ex partner ( now realeased from prison) having serious issues with alcohol abuse ( history of it) and I was advised to apply for a CAO with supervised fortnightly contact one 1 call the week of no contact neither is it to be at my house.

The La supported the application and my daughter did not appear to any meetings or court hearings (2).

All extremely traumatic for evryone especially our poor GS who we are now financing private play theapy for. The relationship with our daughter is very difficult she is volatile and blames everyone apart from herself for this situation.

She has now met a new partner who is ‘different’ to the rest and not violent although they both drink and she remains volatile and a family member advised me of some abuse from her to him when she has drunk.

The onset is she has applied to court for an CAO with residency while also making nasty allegations and displaying very alarming behaviour.

Contact was stopped following safegaurding issues when she was making very inappropriate comments to our grandson around why he was removed from her care which sent him into a state of insecurity causing him further emotional harm.

The police have been involved as are CS and I have a solicitor. I am now applying for an SGO at the court hearing to hopefully end this and provide more security for our GS.

I wondered if anyone had any advise or in similar circumstances, it would be awful should he be returned. Thanks

Anja Mon 31-Dec-18 06:10:52

What a terrible situation to be in nani. Can I clarify something- did your daughter lose a child to SIDS?

stella1949 Mon 31-Dec-18 06:27:22

Anja yes that is what OP said - her daughter lost a DD to SIDS. Very sad and I hope you are able to keep your grandson safe, OP.

Anja Mon 31-Dec-18 07:03:58

stella it wasn’t exactly clear, more implied, as the OP’s actual words were ‘the death of my young GD’. It might just have been the child of another sibling. I know my own daughter was distraught when her brother’s toddler (her nephew) died.
I would have found it more understanding and understandable if she had said mum had been traumatised by ‘the death of her young daughter’.

nani Mon 31-Dec-18 09:41:07

Hi everyone, it was my GD, my daughters baby that died from SID.