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Wren5 Sun 04-Aug-19 08:28:50

Morning to you all,
I look after my GS once or twice a week, he is 18 months tomorrow, but lately when I go to my DS house to look after him for the day he clings to his mothers leg & cries ! sadGS is very, very close to my DiL & now seems to realise when Nanny comes to visit his Mammy is off to work. I know it is silly but I am really upset by this, is this what is called separation anxiety in a toddler?
Another thing, the way my DiL speaks to me angry, nothing I buy or do is ever good enough, I recently purchased a car seat to be able to take GS out & about, she took my keys for my car, I followed & slated the car seat I bought, I really should have said something but TBH I get so upset & cry at the slightest thing lately. I'm going through the menopause ATM & the slightest thing sets me off sad. Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you all.