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Vacations with son and grandson and ex-wife

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Nanamar Thu 06-Feb-20 02:46:10

New here from the states. Son just informed us that he and DIL are divorcing. Not surprised but devastated, had been hoping against hope that they’d stay together, and am terribly sad. From what we’ve been told by him it’s not an acrimonious situation - they are simply not in love with one another. They have a four year old son. Many stressors in past few years for all of us - son has clinical depression, was residentially placed three years ago, now doing well. Didn’t work for a year. Husband has stage 4 lung cancer. Son and family moved here from another state to be closer to us d/t husband’s illness and for us to babysit. They live a mile away in a home we purchased for them d/t their financial situation and our ability to do so. Tentative plan is for son to live with us while DIL and GS stay in house and GS can move back and forth between the two homes. Know that’s a bit odd but DIL’s name isn’t on the house and as long as our GS is in residence we’re fine. Had planned several trips, obviously contingent upon husband’s ability to travel, including to Italy to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Son says it’s up to us if we want to cancel but they are fine with us all going. Know that movie stars vacation with their exes and children but wondering if anyone else out there has done this?

vampirequeen Thu 06-Feb-20 03:00:26

Never done it but would be wonderful for the child if they can remain so friendly.

Grammaretto Thu 06-Feb-20 07:59:01

Yes it sounds a good idea for your DGS.
A friend with an ex and a boy has just had a birthday treat outing with everyone and he, the child announced it was the best birthday ever! He is 12

sodapop Thu 06-Feb-20 12:31:27

My ex husband often picks me up from the airport when I visit UK. He provides transport for my family and I to go for days out etc. It all works well but we do have separate days as well. Good luck.