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Looking for a grandma / paid job

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Cathrin78 Tue 14-Jul-20 14:53:18

We normally have Au Pairs living with us who help with the school and nursery run and then spend time with the children in the afternoon until we get back home. As of September we won’t have an Au Pair and I am keen to see if we can find someone more mature and responsible.
We have two little boys (2 and 5) and their grandparents live further away, so sadly they cannot help us.
My mum suggested I could look for a grandma, someone experienced and yet fit and healthy enough to help looking after our kids. We would need someone for around 25 hours per week.
We are based in Chobham, Surrey. I would love to find someone who would be like a new (paid) grandmother for my boys. Anyone nearby interested?

BlueBelle Tue 14-Jul-20 15:06:46

I don’t think this is the right place to advertise for a nanny
Ask around in your home town do what you would do to get an au pair but mention you d like a mature employee then make sure you get references police checks and everything else you can to ensure your children are safe

V3ra Tue 14-Jul-20 15:32:23

Cathrin78 have a look on
You can search for a nanny in your area.

Sussexborn Tue 14-Jul-20 15:36:39

Try the Lady magazine or the local paper. It might be more appropriate.

EllanVannin Tue 14-Jul-20 15:40:52

I remember when some members of the Guinness family lived in Cobham. As did the actress who played the wife/mother in Butterflies. Many years ago.

ExD Tue 14-Jul-20 15:54:55

I think thats a marvellous idea and its the kind of job I'd have applied for 10 years ago.
I do think you may have to lower your sights a bit however as it seems you are not looking for a nanny exactly, as you mention the word Granny. I take it you're not looking for a 'live-in' person but rather someone local who would do the things a grandpare nt would do but not the housework or ironing?? sad
Cathrin's idea is a good one, and BlueBelle's coments re police checks is very sensible.
Do bear in mind though that older people, however fit and active and 'wonderful for her age' they may be ,just don't have the stamina of an au pair. If we fall playing football, we break (well some of us) and our legs get tired too.
However, all in all I think you may be starting something here.