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Newborn with infection

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Newbiegran Fri 24-Jul-20 07:26:20

(Starting a new thread from Playing the waiting game)
Grandson finally born after long labour Wed night (9lb 50z) When DD went in they said she had infection so she and baby both being given antiobiotics since Wed. Baby seems fine in himself but this morning they took him for a lumbar puncture and said they have to stay another five days - she is going insane in the ward - not used to comings and goings and communal living - I am worried about the baby now whereas before we were relieved and delighted. He doesn't seem ill - any ideas what it could be? Hopefully lumbar puncture results soon

Marydoll Fri 24-Jul-20 07:44:51

Newbiegran, congratulations on the safe birth of your wee grandson. You must be so relieved.

None of us are doctors here, best leave it to the experts. They seem to be right on the ball.
I don't think it helps when posters start speculating on what it could be, it only adds to anxiety.

Concentrate on supporting your daughter, she will be feeling tired, vulnerable and emotional.
I'm sure you will be a wonderful Gran.

Newbiegran Fri 24-Jul-20 07:57:00

Good point - Im not a doctor either and have spent ages on Google to no good benefit to myself. I can take comfort from several things - first that he is acting normally (he doesn't realise he has an infection lol) and second that he has been on antibioitics since his appearance and third that he is in the best place for monitoring - and fourth, apparently, because he is a big baby, he might be more resilient than tiny premature babies. Anyway, hoping results show something soon - it is easier to deal with 'knowns' than 'unknowns'.

ginny Fri 24-Jul-20 07:57:39

I agree with Marydoll. Hopefully all will be well, let us know.

Grammaretto Fri 24-Jul-20 09:22:47

Congratulations Newbiegran !!
Your DD will be even more emotional than we were because of the pandemic and having to stay extra long in hospital.
I hope they find out soon if there is a problem and let her know.

As you say, he is a big strong boy which is great.
Our DGD was whisked away to the special baby unit even before DD had seen her after an emergency Csection. A scary time indeed and not the best start but she is fine and will start school in August all being well.

rubysong Fri 24-Jul-20 09:29:24

Our first DGS needed antibiotics when he was born and they did have a struggle putting the line into his tiny hand (6lb baby). All was well and he is now a robust 10 year old. I hope your little one will soon be home and thriving.

EllanVannin Fri 24-Jul-20 10:20:50

Are there any meningitis cases that you're aware of ?

GrannyLaine Fri 24-Jul-20 10:27:47

Not helpful EllanVannin

crazyH Fri 24-Jul-20 10:32:52

Congratulations Newbiegran ! The baby is in the right place and will be well looked after, so don't worry too much.

EllanVannin Fri 24-Jul-20 10:36:31

Tests such as these are done as a precautionary measure and don't always denote that something could be amiss. I've known them being undertaken in the past where results have been normal if a slight swelling of the brain was noticed.

Please don't worry. Just be thankful that staff are being efficient and observant towards the health of their patients, in this case a newborn.

jaylucy Fri 24-Jul-20 10:39:40

Just be sure that the medical staff are doing everything that they can for GS - what a good weight!
Fully understand why your DD is climbing the walls - these days, there is the great expectation that mum goes in, gives birth and returns home within a few hours. Anybody that has spent time in hospital knows that it is difficult to get even a good nights sleep - lights are on when you are used to darkness, strange noises in the early hours (when I was in, one of the nurses used to wander around in the early hours singing!) DD is also obviously worried about her son.
There is little that you can do - just be supportive and listen to her worries and encourage her to ask questions of the medical staff - even write down questions as she thinks of them even.
Hopefully GS will be home soon happy and healthy.

Newbiegran Fri 24-Jul-20 10:53:07

No news but I am encouraged by the fact that he is a big boy and doesnt seem ill. Poor DD though - when I had her I was actually grateful to have to say (as a matter of routine 31 years ago) in for almost a week because I was not maternal and had no idea at all how to hold or do anything with a baby. I didn't mind the comings and goings because they reassured me. I noticed the second day after she was born I was very tearful and said I couldn't cope with her -they took her away for a few hours and I got some peace. She is much more "baby-friendly" than I am, yet still no doubt very vulnerable at this time. Wednesday night and Thursday morning she was given a room to herself because of the long labour and suspected infection (of them both) but Thursday afternoon they were both moved up to the normal post-natal ward - a minus re noise but a plus in that they must think he is fine to be in the normal ward.

BlueBelle Sat 25-Jul-20 09:34:40

I also don’t think it’s useful to speculate he’s in the best place and it sounds as if they are both being well cared for I suppose whatever infection the mother has the baby has
Hopefully both soon home for everyone to enjoy

Newbiegran Sat 25-Jul-20 12:45:29

Latest initial results from lumbar puncture are (quote) "broadly positive" whatever than means (no I am not speculating lol) but full results later today . He has been on antibiotics since his birth (in fact before, since they put his mum on antibiotics when she came into the labour ward) and they have decided to stay with the current antibiotics, not change them.
I think the situation is not helped by the long labour and difficult birth - baby is dealing with big swollen head from Ventouse as well now as pain from lumbar puncture as well as infection. Mum has picked up breast feeding very well though, a positive, (and baby has also picked up breast feeding very well) and is now normal milk not colostrum and is being shown today how to express milk so she can get some sleep -which she is sorely lacking.

Newbiegran Sat 25-Jul-20 13:29:14

(Also as an aside) isn't it annoying how when we are worried we seem to focus on the pessimistic side not the optimistic side? Son in law said initial lumbar puncture results were (quote) "broadly positive" so I of course picked up on the "broadly" (ie, not totally) rather than the "positive" (ie not negative) Sigh!!

SueDonim Sat 25-Jul-20 13:43:17

It sounds as though it’s all going in the right direction! 🤞. My nq medic dd has just done a stint on Maternity and she said it’s very common to give antibiotics to babies, they really don’t take any chances with the wee ones.

Jane10 Sat 25-Jul-20 13:47:23

This time next week they'll be home and you can spoil them as I'm sure you want to.

Hithere Sat 25-Jul-20 13:49:32

Please be of support to your dd and sil. Worrying about the baby only is not a good approach.

I cannot imagine how worried they are.

The baby is in good hands and will get a diagnosis from the proper professionals

Franbern Sat 25-Jul-20 15:46:03

Newbiegran, sounds all very good. Back in the past it was the absolute norm for all first time Mums to stay in hospital with babies for at least ten days.

The doctors should be keeping you daughter and SiL well informed as to any concerns they may have. If they having nothing to say, probably means nothing really to worry about, and they are just taking good precautions as they have noted some sort of infection.

Soon, they will be home, and all the usual worries will be there. Babies are a worry - but they grow up into healthy and active children. So pleased she has establised breast feeding - the best thing for babe (and herself). If he is feeding well, probably little to worry about.

Let us know how you all get on. Congratulations to all concerned.

Jane10 Sun 26-Jul-20 21:55:11

How are things going Newbiegran? I hope all is well and Mum and baby home at last.

Maggiemaybe Sun 26-Jul-20 22:16:04

Congratulations on the new arrival, Newbiegran, and welcome to the wonderful world of grandmotherhood (I’m assuming from your name that he’s your first, my apologies if not)! Perhaps the little one is home now with his mum? If not, they’re in the best place and will be given all the care they need. It’s a difficult time to be a new mum, but I’m sure you’ll be there for your DD to support her through it. thanks

Newbiegran Mon 27-Jul-20 17:56:51

They arrived home today (Monday) around 3pm after the latest tests over the weekend showed the antibiotics are working smile Phew - (Yes he is my first, if that isn't obvious!) Grandparents can visit Wednesday - they are just having tomorrow to themselves.

midgey Mon 27-Jul-20 17:59:15

Phew! Now you can breathe! Congratulations by the way.

Marydoll Mon 27-Jul-20 21:37:24

So glad to hear your good news!.

B9exchange Mon 27-Jul-20 21:53:40

Wonderful news, breathe sgain everyone. Now you can really enjoy him.