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Update as promised on 15 month old baby who was (note past tense) driving me to distraction.

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Cher69 Sun 02-Aug-20 23:00:28

As promised I wanted to give all you lovely grannies an update on my progress with my grandson. Who was driving me crazy. As I said before I had looked after him from just a few months old and before lockdown everything was fine. But in those 3 months so much changed. It was a shock to the system that I never anticipated. I was foolish to think that we could just carry on from were we left off. He had developed so much. So I had to give my head a good wobble and adjust to the needs of my grandson. I now have a renewed relationship with him which is truly beautiful. I have learned he is naturally full of energy. That needs to be burned off in a controlled way. The best buy was a trampoline he loves jumping and this does the trick. We also have a swing, a little car, football and paddling pool now in the garden. He hated being strapped into a high chair of any description so I had and idea. I got a childs table and 2 chairs from IKEA and we now sit together and eat our meals he loves to sit and eat his food quite happily and has now mastered the use of his grown up fork. He is also teething which I now realise is one of the reasons for his anger. He is also going through the phase of dropping one of his naps. So he gets overtired and angry because of this also. But now I have the knowledge and equipment to deal with whatever he wants to throw at me. Lol! He is going for a taster session at nursery tomorrow, I think he will love it because he loves other children. Then if everything goes ok he will be going 2 days a week and I will just be having him for one half day a week. You guys made me realise there is nothing wrong with him. He is just a beautiful baby boy with tonnes of energy. I am glad I posted on here because it made me do some research instead of trying to remember what I did with my own children. Because all children are different with different wants and needs an I was using outdated techniques. I thought because I have brought up 3 girls then I should automatically know what to do. But I was so wrong thinking that because parenting has changed so much since my children were little. So it was a case of re-learning. We are now back on track and everyone is happy. So thank you everyonethanks

Callistemon Sun 02-Aug-20 23:09:46

Thank you for the update and I'm glad you're enjoying your time with him, Cher.
He sounds like a busy little chap! I must say my DD and now my younger DGD never stop, the trampoline being the favourite activity.

It's always difficult when they drop a daytime nap as they can get a bit grumpy.
When said DGD dropped her daytime nap altogether I had instructions not to let her nod off at all as she wouldn't go to sleep at night, but it was difficult. If I sat her in front of the TV while I cooked her dinner her eyes would droop.

I'm sure he'll enjoy nursery.

Best wishes

paddyanne Sun 02-Aug-20 23:53:02

Glad tou're enjoying his company again,they are wee for such a short time it would be a shame to stress about him doing things that are perfectly normal for a baby his age...even throwing food .Have a great summer and get some wellies for puddle jumping in Autumn

V3ra Sun 02-Aug-20 23:57:09

What lovely news ☺️

Grannynannywanny Mon 03-Aug-20 00:19:06

Cher69 I’m delighted to read your lovely update!

Nortsat Mon 03-Aug-20 05:56:24

What a lovely update.
All your play equipment and the dining table and chairs sound perfect.

I hope he loves nursery and that his day with you is even more special.

Dorsetcupcake61 Mon 03-Aug-20 06:21:18

Brilliant news, glad to hear all turned out well😊

EllyJ Mon 03-Aug-20 06:45:21

How wonderful. I was quite sad and concerned after your last post as I was reading a lot of out dated advice. It sounds like you have a happy and active grandson. I hope all goes well going forward.

Furret Mon 03-Aug-20 07:14:55

This is so lovely to read. It brought back such happy memories of my own time looking after my grandchildren. Miss those days now they are older, but enjoying their company in a different way.

janeainsworth Mon 03-Aug-20 07:45:37

Glad things are working out well Chersmile

Blinko Mon 03-Aug-20 08:23:24

This is so good to read - a positive outcome for you and your DGS. Boys are different, aren't they?

nanaK54 Mon 03-Aug-20 08:25:32

Lovely update Cher here's to lots more happy hours with your lovely little grandson, full of love and kindness not some of the awful ideas being floated on your last thread.

Serendipity22 Mon 03-Aug-20 08:40:17

I am so glad that things are a lot better for you, you can now reflect, in years to come just what a happy, precious time you have had together, opposed to things being nothing more than a stressful nightmare ( maybe that wording is a bit strong )

Yes, toddlers, children have no means of expressing themselves verbally and so what adults view as tantrums or naughty really it's their only way of expressing... I am SO glad that things have turned 360° for you, excellent....

I send you a lovely bunch of blooms x thanks

Madgran77 Mon 03-Aug-20 08:42:40

Thanks for bothering to update and so glad all is going well! Enjoy!

sodapop Mon 03-Aug-20 08:43:14

Great update Cher so pleased you and your grandson are having good times together now.

Septimia Mon 03-Aug-20 09:30:25

I'm glad you've found solutions that have made you both happier. Your good relationship with your grandson is important.

No matter how much experience we have, every child is different!

annodomini Mon 03-Aug-20 10:25:11

What a lovely post. Cher69. He sounds like a bright spark and I'm glad you are having fun along with him. Nursery will give him lots of incentive to explore and discover.

Callistemon Mon 03-Aug-20 10:32:25

I remember when my DGS was little and he had a lovely little table and two chairs.
When I was there, I would sometimes sit with him and do some craft while DD worked.

It was fun but the worst part was getting up again grin

Alexa Mon 03-Aug-20 10:36:24

OMG if only everybody was so quick to learn as Cher69!

Well done! What a nice success story.

trisher Mon 03-Aug-20 10:56:52

Thanks for the update and well done to you for making the changes. He is a very lucky boy to have a gran like you.

Grandmabatty Mon 03-Aug-20 19:10:22

That is a lovely update. Thank you very much. My 18 months old grandson is also full of energy so I really sympathise. I watch him two days a week. I haven't thought of a trampoline. I have a table that you can put water and sand in and he will play with that for ages. Good luck.

ElaineI Mon 03-Aug-20 21:13:59

What a lovely update. Nice to hear. My DGS2 is in the process of dropping his nap and can be hard as it means no break to start tea, clear up or put my feet up. Doesn't stop DH putting his feet up (having a sleep)! DGS2 has taken to scooting now he is 2 so we go to the park a lot with him scooting - that tires him out and if it's raining splashing in puddles is the best thing ever!! Especially my neighbour's puddles!

Hithere Mon 03-Aug-20 23:22:52

So glad!