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Why didn’t he say anything !

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nannafizz Thu 01-Apr-21 21:30:27

When we were having our evening meal yesterday, I said , I was going to do courgettes with this but realised at the last minute that we didn’t have any.
That’s ok , he replied , I don’t like them anyway . This after45 years of me serving them to him& him happily( I thought) eating them! When I told a friend she said she’d given her daughter a box of liquors every year for her birthday as she thought she loved them . Her son informed her recently that she hates them!

nannafizz Thu 01-Apr-21 21:40:33

Liqueurs, not liquors!

Marydoll Thu 01-Apr-21 21:54:44

I did the same with my MIL. Chocolate gingers every Christmas. She hated them.🤣

grumppa Thu 01-Apr-21 22:57:51

Men eat vegetables because they are good for them, not necessarily because they like them; perhaps OP’s DH would have said the same thing whichever vegetable she had apologised for not having

GrannyRose15 Thu 01-Apr-21 23:06:22

For years my family bought into my Gran's myth that my Dad loved Turkish delight. Turned out not to be true.

overthehill Thu 01-Apr-21 23:10:47

My dad who was scared of my mum, as was I. Told me after she died she gave him bananas and custard and it actually made him sick, but he never told her and just ate up.

nannafizz Thu 01-Apr-21 23:16:07

Well , that’s possible I guess grumppa, but he often comments on how much he’s enjoying other vegetables!

annodomini Thu 01-Apr-21 23:16:56

Are you speaking for yourself, grumppa? When my sons were growing up, the argument that 'it's good for you' carried no weight whatsoever and, to be honest, I feel that way myself, especially about spinach and beetroot. Do you think that young men, who, as teenagers have defied their parents over nutritional matters, eventually settle for eating what is good for them?

Mollygo Thu 01-Apr-21 23:19:54

I served my Son-in-law roasted parsnips. I thought he liked them because my DD said his mum always served them. He was too polite to tell us and had never told his mum!

grumppa Thu 01-Apr-21 23:23:00

So he was just being polite, nannafizz.

Floradora9 Fri 02-Apr-21 11:01:50

My SIL kept giving her husband gravy for 40 years . When he protested her reply was " Well I keep hoping you will change your mind "

Gannygangan Fri 02-Apr-21 11:04:20

I think this happens a lot.

For about 20 years, every Christmas, amongst other things, I'd give my mum the port and Stilton gift set from M&S.

One day we were all sat in the garden and somehow got onto the subject of cheese. Mum stated that she absolutely hated Stilton.

Lost for words!

Daisymae Fri 02-Apr-21 11:28:59

I made a walnut cake for my daughter's birthday. Whisk broken so had to beat it until my arm ached. Then DH took over. My daughter walked in and I showed her the beautifully risen triple layer iced cake only for her to exclaim 'you know that I don't like walnuts!' Actually no, but I do now.....

timetogo2016 Fri 02-Apr-21 11:39:21

My eldest son would not try roast parsnips at all,until one family meal he picked one up thinking it was a roaster,he devoured it and when i told him,he said he realy liked it.
Suffice as to say i went on to cook double the amount with every family meal.

Trisha57 Fri 02-Apr-21 11:44:18

My Dad had the turkey leg served to him every Christmas while I and my 3 siblings got the breast meat. This went on even after we left home. After about 45 years, he finally plucked up the courage to tell my Mum that he actually preferred the white meat to the dark!!!

LullyDully Fri 02-Apr-21 14:02:06

We always took extra strong mints for my Granny when we saw her on a Wednesday. For birthdays she had those long , silky knickers which went down to her knees. Guess what was found in her drawers when she died.

Blinko Fri 02-Apr-21 14:42:48


I did the same with my MIL. Chocolate gingers every Christmas. She hated them.🤣

I love chocolate gingers. Has she kept any?

Blinko Fri 02-Apr-21 14:44:59



I did the same with my MIL. Chocolate gingers every Christmas. She hated them.🤣

I love chocolate gingers. Has she kept any?

Sorry, wrong tense...