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Grandson with Working Memory Complex

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Whiteanemone Fri 23-Jun-23 16:49:15

Hi Everyone. Would really appreciate some advice about my nine year old grandson. He’s a lovely lively lad who lives 200 miles away from me although I’m lucky enough to see him often.
His school suspected that he has dyslexia but their test was negative. My daughter and her husband decided to get a second opinion and again the dyslexia test was negative but he was diagnosed as having Working Memory Complex.
We are all doing lots of reading about it but would really appreciate any advice any Gransnet members may have to offer.
He reads well and his maths is good. He does have trouble with spelling and making up sentences in comprehension.
I don’t think ,if it not been for the query about dyslexia , we would have thought anything was amiss.
Thank you all so much

Greenfinch Fri 23-Jun-23 16:54:08

Sorry I have never heard of this .Is it a form of ADHD?

AreWeThereYet Fri 23-Jun-23 17:17:14

I've never heard of it but found a good article here,up%20to%20with%20demanding%20activities.

Whiteanemone Fri 23-Jun-23 17:45:15

I’m not sure if it’s connected to a form of ADHD.
Thank you so much AreWeThereYet for the link. I’m off to read it in detail and will forward it to my family

AreWeThereYet Fri 23-Jun-23 19:04:53

You're very welcome Whiteanenome - I hope someone with more knowledge and experience comes along to offer some help. I think there are a few people on GN who have worked in various arenas with children so you never know. Good luck.

Whiteanemone Fri 23-Jun-23 19:12:09

Thank you. Fingers crossed

Georgesgran Fri 23-Jun-23 19:23:05

As you’ve found, there is a lot of info if you google this. I can see some similarities with certain aspects of dyslexia. Both DDs are dyslexic and still live by lists for everything, plus lots of pre-organisation. Tasks need to be broken down into manageable chunks, even if it makes the job longer.
I’d hesitate to make a big thing of it, unless he’s getting very stressed.

Whiteanemone Fri 23-Jun-23 20:07:29

Thank you Georgesgran. I think you are right. No, he’s not stressed at all.