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Long distance grand parenting

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PapaGeo Sat 29-Jul-23 10:18:21

We live 600 miles from two daughters and SILs, with combined three grandkids. We travel to them every five weeks or so, for about a week at a time, and split our time staying with them. We also talk to the kids several times per week using Meta Portal, reading stories and just talking. While we know our grands love us and "know" us, we sometimes feel guilty that we're not closer. However, we have a great life where we live, with many friends and activities. Grands are 4, 3 and 2, and we've been maintaining our monthly travel since the 4 year old was born. Any comments?

Chardy Sat 29-Jul-23 11:49:33

Not sure there's much more you can do at this stage. Perhaps sending little things through the post, addressed to them? Showing them framed photos of them/bits of artwork you have when you facetime them? Reading stories to the computer and sending it to them, so they can go to sleep listening to you?

Family holiday for the 9 of you? Do they stay with you ever without parents? Or can you take just them for a long weekend Airbnb to their nearest seaside?

Theexwife Sat 29-Jul-23 12:22:44

You seem happy with the arrangement and the children have always known it this way, I don't really understand what there is to feel guilty about.

PapaGeo Sat 29-Jul-23 18:05:37

Two of the last three summers, we've rented a beach house near our kids and were all together. This year, we had each daughter and their family to our house (we live at the beach).