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Tin opener for disabled

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fluttERBY123 Fri 11-Aug-23 07:00:26

At the moment I have no strength in either hand enough to use a normal tin opener. There are lots on line. Which to get? Some even look as if you could watch it perform from the other side of the room.

fluttERBY123 Fri 11-Aug-23 07:04:02

Them, not it. Sorry wrong section should be in care etc.

Poppyred Fri 11-Aug-23 07:08:42

Get an electric one? I have never been able to use anything else - I am totally unpractical!

M0nica Fri 11-Aug-23 07:12:29

DD has a disabled right arm, following a road accident. She has an electric tin opener and a, seperate, electric jar opener.

You can watch hers operate from the other side of the room!

She has also replaced a number of tinned foods with frozen.

KGee Fri 11-Aug-23 07:26:00

Can highly recommend Kitchen Mama. Battery operated, place on top of tin and push button to start and stop. Brilliant for arthritic hands.

Foxygloves Fri 11-Aug-23 07:31:46

Wasn’t there a time when we all had electric wall mounted can openers? I certainly remember Mum being very proud of hers.
However I also remember a health warning against them as (it said) “ they can harbour Germans (sic) 🤣

Has anybody told Suella Braverman?

MiniMoon Fri 11-Aug-23 09:35:44

I have a JML electrician opener. It's rather loud, but will open any size and shape of tin.

MiniMoon Fri 11-Aug-23 09:36:33

Electric can opener. I am not wanting to open electricians.

henetha Fri 11-Aug-23 10:19:43

My electric can opener is very temperamental. If it doesn't like the look of a tin it won't open it. However, much of the time it is a godsend.

Elusivebutterfly Fri 11-Aug-23 10:35:22

I can't manage the electric can opener I have, but luckily can manage the ordinary one.
I just came on to recommend getting a ring pull can opener. This small gadget for under £5 is great, as I am quite unable to open the ring pull cans.

Georgesgran Fri 11-Aug-23 14:17:05

Just replied on the other forum.
There are lots of hands free can openers at Amazon and Argos, many under £10.

crazyH Fri 11-Aug-23 14:27:32

Mine is a battery operated one called Cooks. You just ‘clip’ it on to the tin, press the start button and it gets on with it. You don’t even have to hold it. I think it’s from Amazon

MiniMoon Fri 11-Aug-23 15:03:14

Here it is. fluttERBY.

Nannashirlz Sun 13-Aug-23 11:37:56

I’ve arthritis in my hands and I’ve got a electric one and a a jar gripper etc got mine from Argos i can no longer use regular ones now

Bluesmum Sun 13-Aug-23 11:58:31

I can’t recommend one as I use a manual one, I threw my battery one away after the battery died half way through opening a tin!!! That turned out to be my worst kitchen disaster ever!

Baggs Sun 13-Aug-23 12:08:49

I have a ProCook one that holds onto the tin with a magnet. You press a button and leave it to get on with the job. I've found that letting it go round a few times works best because then it rounds off any sharp edges and the lid should come away stuck to the magnet.

Saggi Sun 13-Aug-23 13:08:30

I’ve a ring pull can opener ….brilliant and cheap. The question is : why aren’t ALL cans ring pull by now!?

grandtanteJE65 Sun 13-Aug-23 14:14:56

My mother had number two pictured on the site, but I do feel and electric tin opener, preferably one that is put up on a wall or door-frame would be better.

Madgran77 Sun 13-Aug-23 14:43:14

Kenwood electric one is good and easy to use. Got it from Tobert Dyas

rowyn Sun 13-Aug-23 16:26:47

Further to this..... has anyone found a gadget which will open those bottles of loo cleaner/ bleach where you have to squeeze with 2 fingers and twist the top at the same time?
Totally impossible for arthritic hands. Have bought numerous gadgets all promising they will do the job. But they don't.

I have to wait for a visitor who I can ask to loosen the tops for me. Inevitably I often forget!!

winterwhite Sun 13-Aug-23 17:11:25

Heartily agree, Rowyn. My hands aren't even arthritic and I can't get on with those bleach containers.

Celieanne86 Sun 13-Aug-23 20:12:53

I find milk cartons the worst to open as no matter how I try I can’t get the click, I’ve even asked the post man to open one for me 😳 I was totally stuck one day and rummaged in the drawer trying to find something to grip the cap and found some nut crackers which have been there since heaven knows when, and believe it or not they are wonderful, they open all types of tops including bleach because I can exert as much pressure as needed and my hands are really bad. I’ve even searched in charity shops for some more to pass on to friends so simple but so useful.

Bijou Sun 13-Aug-23 23:39:40

I have a JML can opener. Just sit on top of the can press the button and away it goes.. Even if it is a ring pull can.
Sainsburys sardine cans are now easier to open because the ring pull is on the straight.
Seems that everything is difficult to open now. Meat and fish shrink wrapped in a plastic tray needing scissors and sharp knife.

AlisonKF Mon 14-Aug-23 01:59:05

I have noticed that cans without ring puĺls are now cheaper, for that reason I suppose. Must be old stock, but I avoid buying, despite the lower price. Why is it that some tins can be opened quite easily with a strong hand opener despite my arthritic hands but others are impossibly tough?I have also had to throw unused tins away because the dratted ring pull snapped off .I have tried electric tin openers in the past but the generally break down. Why is corned beef only sold in stupidly shaped cans with fiddly openers which often snap off? Are they all sourced in Argentina? Beef is too expensive to throw away.

Mallin Mon 14-Aug-23 08:37:00

Re wall mounted tin openers. Tenants from hell stole mine as well as the dimmer switch.