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presents to grandchild and now new step grandchildren

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nanafunny Sun 10-Sep-23 15:59:05

I have over the past few years become close to my two lovely step grandchildren.

Is it in order for me to carry on giving a small annual financial contribution towards my grandchild's sportswear or is it time for me to include step grandchildren.

I give equal amounts for Christmas and birthdays.

I do not want to appear too forward

I have an excellent relationship with all concerned, live a distance away, so, do not see them often

Grandmabatty Sun 10-Sep-23 16:45:52

I would ask first, making it clear that you regard them as your grandchildren and you do this for the others. I think you sound absolutely lovely

eddiecat78 Sun 10-Sep-23 16:48:46

My only concern would be if the step grandchildren already have the full quota of natural grandparents who might not be happy about this

Shelflife Sun 10-Sep-23 18:08:00

If the natural grandparents don't like it - tough !! Although I imagine they would be only too pleased that their GC are not being sidelined by their new GPs. By treating all the children equally you are doing the correct thing- it what I would do. Well done you !

Jaxjacky Sun 10-Sep-23 18:21:39

We treat our stepdaughter the same as the other two in respect of pocket money for holidays, paying part of school trips, Christmas and birthday presents.

crazyH Sun 10-Sep-23 18:23:19

It’s so refreshing to hear that you get on well with your step grandchildren. Ofcourse, it’s your money, your business. The natural grandparents should be pleased that the children have someone else, who loves them. You are doing the right thing by treating everyone equally. My grandchildren have a step grandma (my Ex’s new wife). I am almost sure she doesn’t treat my GC the same as she treats her blood GC. Ofcourse, they see her more often. And I suppose it’s only natural. Life !

nanafunny Mon 11-Sep-23 10:57:10

thanks to all.
Very positive remarks.
Becoming a step grandma is very exiting but can be daunting at first.

Nannarose Mon 11-Sep-23 14:09:18

If you have a good relationship, could you discuss with the parents? I am aware of families where well meaning stepGPs treat all the children the same, but the result can be unfair.
The exact circumstances that lead to being a stepGP can be so different, I'm sure in a loving family you can come to a sensible arrangement.