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mummas Wed 15-Sep-21 19:10:30

I am thinking about giving up my job as a Teaching Assistant and looking after my grandchildren so that my daughters can go back to work. They have told me that they will pay me what I was earning so that I do not lose out financially. I have tried looking into what the implications of this would be, for example: do I need to be registered as a childminder or with Ofsted? Nothing seems to be very clear to me. I will be looking after them in my own home. Does anyone know if I can be a paid childcare provider for my grandsons without having to register anywhere or if anyone could give me an idea of who I might need to speak to to gain any useful information? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

welbeck Wed 15-Sep-21 19:15:19

make sure your NI contributions are covered until you get state pension.
i think you can be registered for this as grandparent child carer.
but there may be other issues if your daughter becomes your employer.
look on govt website.

DiscoDancer1975 Wed 15-Sep-21 19:40:45

I don’t think you can be paid to childmind unless you’re registered. It used to involve a course. It may have all changed now not sure. Find out before you commit though, would be my advice.

V3ra Wed 15-Sep-21 20:17:24

You don't have to be an Ofsted registered childminder if you only look after your grandchildren.
There is no problem with your daughters paying you to do so but you'd need to check with HMRC about declaring this income.
Childminders are self-employed and complete a self-assessment tax return, which would be more straightforward than your daughters employing you.
There's a lot of information and guidance on the HMRC website and it's fairly straightforward to do.

The main disadvantage for your daughters is that they won't be able to claim the government 15 or 30 hours EEF nursery funding from age 3 for the hours the grandchildren are with you, like they could if they used an Ofsted registered childcare provider.
In fact even registered childminders can't claim the funding hours on behalf of their own grandchildren.

Hithere Wed 15-Sep-21 20:21:33

What would you do if this arrangement doesnt work?

Could you get another job easily so your finances dont suffer?

Lizzy60 Thu 16-Sep-21 14:50:57

I don't think I'd do it for pay . I think I'd keep my job then see the time spent with the kids as a bonus , just my opinion you understand !

ElaineI Thu 16-Sep-21 19:00:13

What age are your grandchildren? If they are young then might need more care than if they are nursery/school age but what would you do once they go to school. Is there a chance you could cut your hours and look after them? I retired and cared for my grandchildren but was 62 anyway and could have retired at 60. I didn't do it all the time but am kept busy as my mother needs help too. Also didn't get paid for it. Now older 2 are at nursery and school so just drop offs and pick ups. Youngest starts nursery in a couple of weeks though I will still have him one day a week. They grow up so fast!

Scentia Thu 16-Sep-21 19:08:05

In your own home you MUST register as a childminder and have ofsted involved.
If you look after them in their home you can be employed as a nanny/mothers help and be your DD employee but that has implications for them as they will need to pay NI for you and have done employers liability cover.

Polarbear2 Thu 16-Sep-21 19:16:16

I’d just let her give you cash as a ‘gift’. You don’t have to be registered- loads of GPs look after GCs at home. You can claim your NI at the end of each year which helps your pension. And, sorry, I don’t know where the info on not getting free nursery comes from but we’ve had absolutely no issue with that. I think you’re over thinking this tbh. Enjoy it whatever you decide.

V3ra Thu 16-Sep-21 20:03:05

Scentia you cannot register with Ofsted if you only look after children you are related to.

Polarbear2 yes the children can claim the EEF funding for the hours they attend a nursery or pre-school.

The point I was trying to explain was that the children can't claim any of these funded hours while they're in the grandparents care at home.

This could be relevant to mummas and her daughters as they have offered to pay her.

Hope that's clearer now, sorry! 🤦

Polarbear2 Thu 16-Sep-21 20:39:17

👍 thanks

Shelflife Thu 16-Sep-21 23:37:37

What ever happens this is a major change for you. Leaving a job I presume you enjoy and gain great satisfaction from. In your position I would worry about my situation if for what ever reason this arrangement did not work out. I am unable to advise on the legal position and I am sure you and your daughters have talked at length about this. However I don't think I would do it, you are giving up such a lot , your job , the relationships you have with work colleagues, the job satisfaction. Whatever you decide I wish you well.