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Stop Childcare Ratios Increasing!

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GPLady Fri 06-May-22 06:15:42

I wonder if maybe people wouldn't mind sharing and signing this petition at all?

We lost our little man, Oliver Steeper, at 9 months old after a choking incident at his nursery.

A few days ago Boris Johnson proposed that a way to cut the cost of living would be to increase the number of children an adult is responsible for in early years settings. This cannot happen...there's other ways to decrease the cost of childcare, and to lump our childrens' safety in with a proposal to reduce MOT requirements is utterly shocking.

We need it to get to 100k signatures for the Government to consider it for debate. Please, if you feel able, sign and share.

Thank you so much everyone xxx

Libman Fri 06-May-22 06:39:44

Signed and I am so very sorry for all of you. 💙

baubles Fri 06-May-22 06:47:39

I’m so sorry, I’ve signed the petition.

DillytheGardener Fri 06-May-22 07:03:08

Signed and I’m so very sorry for your and your family’s loss. Your gc was such a handsome baby. Every parent and grandparents worst nightmare.

nanaK54 Fri 06-May-22 07:05:03

Signed and shared
I'm so sorry for your loss, what a beautiful little boy

Urmstongran Fri 06-May-22 07:19:21

What a heartbreaking post GPLady I am so very sorry to hear of the death of your beautiful little boy. Please accept my sincere condolences.

Susan56 Fri 06-May-22 07:27:14

I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy💙
Signed and shared.

Sara1954 Fri 06-May-22 07:43:59

I too am so sorry for what has happened to your family.
I agree, and I have signed

Pepper59 Fri 06-May-22 07:57:58

So very sorry.

Chocolatelovinggran Fri 06-May-22 08:01:32

Signed. So sorry to hear what happened to your family 👪 .

Georgesgran Fri 06-May-22 08:02:50

So sad - a lovely boy. Signed, of course.

Aldom Fri 06-May-22 08:04:18

GPLady Please accept my condolences. I can only guess at the heartbreak you and your family are experiencing since the tragic death of your dear little grandson. I have signed the petition and will also share it. Holding you in my thoughts. flowers

rascal Fri 06-May-22 08:44:21

I am so sorry. Heartbreaking. I have signed the petition. flowers

Mrsluckhurst Fri 06-May-22 10:07:20

Signed. I'm so sorry for your loss flowers

Marilla Fri 06-May-22 10:13:10

I am so sorry to read about your beautiful grandson.
Absolutely heartbreaking.
I have signed the petition.

Glorianny Fri 06-May-22 10:18:32

Signed and shared. Thank you for this GPLady. The loss of your grandson must have been devastating. This petition is an amazing thing you have done overcoming grief and thinking of others! You are incredible.

Callistemon21 Fri 06-May-22 10:44:04


What a beautiful child - my condolences to you all.
I do hope that something positive will come out of your devastating loss.

DaisyAnne Fri 06-May-22 10:51:00

Signed and shared. The Johnson wrecking ball at work again.

So sorry to hear about your son "GPLady".

ixion Fri 06-May-22 10:55:11

Shared and signed.
Your news was just devastating. Please accept our condolences.
I think you have come to exactly the right place to seek support.
I wish you the very best for your campaign and will follow with interest.

Hithere Fri 06-May-22 12:21:22

I fully support it despite not being able to sign it

I am so sorry for your loss

grannydarkhair Fri 06-May-22 12:31:49

Signed and shared 💙

grannyactivist Fri 06-May-22 12:33:19


I recently completed a YouGov survey that asked whether I agree with this idea of reducing carer numbers for childcare -my response was that I ‘strongly disagree’. So the government (YouGov was co-founded by Nadhim Zahawi, the Conservative SoS for Education) is obviously testing the water to see how this will be received.

Your campaign GPLady has the potential to make a real difference and I wish you well with it. Condolences on the loss of your beautiful son.

Joane123 Fri 06-May-22 12:35:54


So sorry to read about your beautiful little boy.

62Granny Fri 06-May-22 13:23:05

Sorry for your loss💔

Cs783 Fri 06-May-22 14:07:25

Signed. Heartfelt condolences.

Bumping this message in hopes that more gransnetters see it and want to sign.