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offering advice

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thomsnannie2 Wed 08-Feb-17 13:15:32

h the old chestnut. Only offer advice when asked. I am so concerned about my three year old grandson. My son and his wife have shared the childcare. The largest contribution being my sons. My son is SO over anxious that Thom should come to harm. At the very sign of boisterous play he warns to take care. Or even climbing on the sofa. This cute little three year old now "copies" rather than joins in at play groups. Standing on the outside, then mimicking the actions of other tots, in a slow and controlled manner. I dare not say anything as my sons reply is that he is just looking after his child. This lovely little boy is becoming more and more anxious.

grannypiper Thu 09-Feb-17 06:22:32

Poor child. Tread a fine line with your son as he is obviously sensitive, maybe try being a bit jokey i.e "gosh how are you going to feel if he wants to play rugby" directed at your DS or when DGS is climbing on the sofa " go on sweetie you can do it no matter what Daddy thinks" it may either give your DS some food for thought or will open up a conversation. Good luck