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Welcome to the *Gransnet Café. This is a non-judgemental space for you to pop in for a cuppa with some virtual friends, seek out advice for a particular problem, or share an update on your life - important or trivial. Feel free to have your say and chat about your day, but please leave any arguments at the door. If you're struggling to find someone to talk to in real life, or are simply looking for a bit of a chat, this is the place for you.

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Unwanted cruise companions?

27 Hetty58

Cat / Neighbour Dilemma… 🐈‍⬛

58 FannyCornforth

Numb after shoulder op

2 Blossoming

Anyone ever had a dream and then it happened in real life?

81 1987H2001M2002Inanny

anyone live near Cambridge or Newmarket

2 BigBertha1

Should I complain about this? (Any nurses especially please) ?

126 Lesley60

Do you, like me, hardly ever leave your house? ?

111 EllieRose

Is it the start of dementia?

31 choughdancer

Need advice about a neighbour

21 Caleo

New to Gransnet?

804 nanna8

Is it the start of dementia?

2 ExDancer

Holidays with family.

10 Zoejory

Jealousy of daughter’s MIL

42 Norah

Why didn't my sister let me know...

65 HazelEyes

Equity release

8 DaisyAnne

my kids and grandchildren are an 9 hour flight away

54 NotSpaghetti

Gransnet App

3 BerthaT

My husband left me and now the house is a tip

149 Honeysuckleberries

Pace Egging

16 Baggs


7 Kim19

Silly things we do

59 Ro60

Ghost encounters?

12 Toby1932

Becoming a new grandparent

14 13Nana

Golden Wedding Party - would it be reasonable ------

36 Magrithea

Hello Everyone

48 crazyH

This is tough!!

48 V3ra

Meeting the other grandparents.

67 hilz

G’day or Hiya

40 Infinity2

Do you workout as much as you should??

32 Rowantree

Advice please?

13 DiscoDancer1975

Distant daughter

63 Menonan

My daughter

24 timetogo2016

Mother of the bride - ideas of where to get kitted out

30 maydonoz

Help GS cope with sister going to university

2 B9exchange


10 Cath9

Feeling hopeless

26 LauraNorder


11 Callistemon


3 Bigjohn

Daughter’s drink problem

18 beautybumble

What to do with a windfall

41 Jaxjacky

Cropped wide leg trousers

53 honeyrose

I lost both parents suddenly and have no grandparents, where can i go for advice and support

19 grandtanteJE65

Old Fashion School Dinners

35 growstuff


14 Elegran


15 geekesse

Should I move to Bingham or Grantham?

11 welbeck

Alone again.

24 Hetty58

New grandparent

120 Newatthis

Just found the cafe

10 Hewie

Replying to messages

4 kittylester